3 ways to promote your business for free

Using blogs

Blogging allows you to implement a multi-tasking strategy: you can tell the customer about your product, life and news happening within the company, create a human and friendly image of the organization when communicating with customers, and reduce the distance between the businessman and the customer. There are many platforms you can use to promote your business online for free. For blogging, use free services such as WordPress or Tumblr, which offer user-friendly designs that are unlike one another (an obvious advantage over the same LiveJournal), and allow you to go the multimedia route: upload photos, videos, illustrations, duplicate posts on social networks.

Communicate with your customers through video

The best way to accomplish multiple goals at once is to make a video about your business and put it on YouTube. It's not as difficult or expensive as it sounds. You can shoot the video on your phone or ask your friends for a camera or a camera, the main thing is to fill the video with interesting content. You can also learn the basics of editing yourself if you have enough time.


Next, put the video on Youtube, and if you produce some creative product, it's better on Vimeo. For example, a German manufacturer of headphones Sennheiser makes simple video reviews in which he talks about the features of different models and conducts a visual demonstration. Kiev store Fotos.ua publishes reviews on all kinds of equipment. For example, here is a video review of Nikon camera.

Give out business cards to all clients

Above we looked at how to promote a business online, and now let's talk about offline business promotion options. Oddly enough, until now one of the most effective offline ways to promote is handing out business cards when you meet people. Business cards cannot be called a completely free way of marketing, but in addition to the convenience of passing directly to your contact, they also allow you to implement creative ideas with a minimum expenditure of money. You will need a graphics program (you can use the simplest ones, such as Microsoft Office Publisher), paper and a color printer.


If you want to attract the attention of a potential customer, use bright colors of paper - green, yellow, blue. A necessary set of information for a business card is the company name, contact information and logo; it is also desirable to put a descriptor under the logo so that a person remembers what you do. Practice shows that creative business cards are better remembered. They can be made in the form of anything - say, a cheese grater, if you sell farm products.


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