4 computer games that you can play with a girl to make a romantic evening smoothly into the night

Detroit: Become Human


A not too distant dystopian future, humanoid androids, and a fight for your rights. It seems that the game is not too suitable for passing with a new acquaintance? Do not make hasty judgments. Among the heroes here is, for example, a robot housewife named Kara. Good half of the game girl takes care of the little girl Alice. Escaping from the cruel owner, she hopes to get to Canada, where the laws do not apply to androids: there they can live the lives of ordinary people.


Along the way, the fugitives have not only to pass many tests such as battling a maniac or confrontation with the police, but also try to find happiness by finding love. If you manage to keep the heroine alive until the finale, we guarantee that the girl will cry on your shoulder. Be a gentleman, offer the lady tea and give her a big hug. 


In short, it's a great game if you want to show a girl that you're no stranger to the experiences of oppressed minorities. But Becoming Human has one major disadvantage: the touching scenes are often interrupted by cheerful action and QTE (quick time event), that can throw off the whole romantic mood. Be careful!


It Takes Two


If the previous project was designed exclusively for single-player play, in It Takes Two you will have the opportunity to demonstrate to your girlfriend the ability to lead a team and take responsibility. In his latest game, Yousef Fares tells the story of a married couple on the verge of divorce. A spell causes Cody and May to turn into rag dolls and find themselves in a fairy-tale world hidden from the eyes of the common man. They must overcome many dangerous and clever twists and turns in their new-found ingenuity in order to reunite with their biological family.


In what other game will you be able to fight with squirrels, ride a sled on a snowball and solve a lot of real exciting puzzles that can make even our game editors laugh? That's right, none. Don't forget that you'll need a second joystick to start your walkthrough together.


Life Is Strange


If your girlfriend loves the paranormal, mysticism, and, most likely, believes in horoscopes and astrology, suggest she play Life Is Strange. Project from the French studio Dontnod Entertainment will surprise you with non-standard gameplay mechanics and twisted plot, and quickly plunge into an atmosphere of mystery.


It's the fall of 2013. The girl Maxine returns to the small town of Arcadia Bay, lost in the endless forests of Oregon. The main character discovers an interesting ability: she is able to turn back time. Now she has to save her friend from death and find out what caused her personal anomaly.


On the plus side it is worth mentioning the excellent work of the environment artists and designers. We also can't help but note the incredible attention to detail and the emotional, and at times even sensual story. In general, the storyline of this game is really impressive. 


Life Is Strange has only one disadvantage: its duration. It will take about 20 hours to reach the end of the story campaign. Agree that it is impossible to do in one evening. But there will be a reason to invite the girl to visit again! 


Super Mario Odyssey

What would your girlfriend say if you offer her to go around the world together with the mustachioed plumber? Let's assume that at best she would look at you with eyes full of bewilderment. And, by the way, for nothing.


Beloved by millions of players around the world game Super Mario Odyssey offers to experience unforgettable emotions from the adventures of the cult Italian. The plot of the game series is absolutely classic: Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in order to forcibly take her as a wife. During the battle with the villain, the hero loses his famous hat, but along with it he gains a new ally. It's a kind and funny story that, despite its cartoonish style, is able to bring a smile not only to children but also to adults, sure to please a girl.


True, there are two important nuances. First, "Odyssey" is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so you'll need a console from the Japanese company. Secondly, you'll have to pay more than five thousand rubles for it, which hits the wallet hard. But isn't a smile of a girl worth such an effort?


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