4 deadliest disease world. No.3 is mostly likely to affect women

When humans ponder on the deadliest diseases in the world their minds usually jump to fast-paced, incurable diseases that grab headlines from time to time, but the truth is many of these diseases that are thought deadly don't even reach the top 20 causes of worldwide deaths.


It's estimated that 56.4 million people die worldwide in 2015 and 68% of them were due to disease that progressed slowly.


The goodnews is that several of the deadliest diseases are partially preventable.


Factors responsible for disease progression


1) Environmental factors: Where a person lives as great effect on diseases to be contracted and their progression.


2) Access to preventive precautions: If a person can't easily access preventive measures, it is likely possible to easily contact these diseases.


3) Quality of health care available: Health care quality plays a very important role in the prevention and progression of diseases.


Top 4 diseases that cause the most deaths worldwide.


1) cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is the result of long term damage to the liver. The damage may be a result of a kidney disease by chronic alcoholism. A healthy liver filters dangerous substances from the blood and sent healthy blood to the heart and other parts of the body. If the alcohol intake persist. Ultimately the liver will stop working.


Factors to look out for.


A) Serious alcohol use.


B) Fat tissue accumulation around the liver (this one isn't caused by alcohol consumption).


C) chronic viral hepatitis (caused by a virus).



staying away from the behaviours that can lead to liver damage to help prevent Cirrhosis. Also regular consumption of alcohol is a major factor of cirrhosis.


2) Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis also called TB is a lung disease caused by a bacterial infection called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a treatable airborne bacterium, although some stains to resist conventional treatments. It is the cause of death in people who have HIV about 35%. TB has fallen over 1.5% each year since 2000. The goal is to end tuberculosis by 2030.


Factors and prevention of tuberculosis.

A) a lower body fat.


B) HIV infection.


C) diabetes and lots more.


The best prevention against tuberculosis is to get the bacillus Calmette - Guerin (BCG) Vaccine.


3) Alzheimer disease.


A lot of you might have heard of the Alzheimer disease, you might think of a lot of memory but you might not think of a loss of life. the disease starts off by causing mild memory difficulties and inability to recall certain events.when the disease progress one may not have memories of large periods of time.


Factors and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

A) being older than 65 years.


B) Inheriting genes for the disease from your parents.


Genes that can be transferred from parents to offspring.


C) people with down syndrome.


D) it is most likely to affect women.


E) previous head injury.


There is no prevention currently four Alzheimer's disease. Researchers are not clear why some people develop the Alzheimer's disease and why other don't.


4) diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes is a group of disease that affect insulin production and usage. In type 1 diabetes the pancreas can produce insulin. The cause is still yet unknown. In type 2 diabetes the pancreas don't produce enough insulin or insulin can't be properly used.


Factors and prevention of diabetes mellitus.

A) excess body weight.


B) high blood pressure.


C) lack of regular exercise.


D) consuming diets that are low in nutrition.


E) old age.


Diabetes isn't always preventable but you can control the severity of symptoms by regular exercising and maintaining good feeding habit. Edition of fibre to your diet can aid in the combating of diabetes.


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