4 ideas for entertaining a cat

Fish tank

If you are all day at work, and your cat is left alone for a long time, offer it an unusual entertainment - an aquarium with fish. And then murka will spend hours tracing the movements of aquatic life, forgetting about the pranks.


But to home artificial reservoir met all requirements, including safety, you should take into account the following points.


The tank for water must be rectangular (so that the fish have the opportunity to move linearly), but not too large (so that the cat's attention is not dispersed). The glass should be of sufficient thickness, strong, without cracks, with well-glued joints of parts.



And, of course, do not forget about a solid cover that will cover the water area from above, preventing direct crawling of the cat to realize its hunting passion. 

The cover is also necessary to prevent the negative habit of having the cat drink the aquarium water


Cat Balcony

An excellent gift for a bored murky will be the so-called "cat balcony. It will enrich her experience and become a "window to the big world", allowing her to look, hear and smell multidimensional images, as well as to breathe fresh air, stretch physically and take sunbaths.


Balcony is an all-welded metal mini-volley, which does not interfere with the closing of the window. You can order it in the firm, engaged in installation of plastic windows, choosing this or that variation. For example, the removable design is easily installed on the metal-plastic window with steel clips, and you are limited to one window sash.


If your pets need more space and a reliable training ground, then order the stationary balcony mounted to the frame and the facade. It may occupy a part or the whole width of the window, can hold up to 60 kg and is suitable for both PVC euro-window and wooden windows.


Mini-cage has a roof on top that protects from direct sun and drizzling rain, while the walls are made of durable mesh 50*50mm, which does not spoil the cat's view, does not obscure the light, and does not prevent air exchange. And even if a tailed hunter makes an attempt to catch a bird or butterfly flying by, jumping on the mesh, the construction will easily withstand the attack and prevent a fall from a height.


With the right level of skill, you can make a cat balcony with your own hands.


Climbing tree

The anatomy of the cat tribe is not adapted for fast running for long distances, but the tailed acrobats climb very deftly on vertical surfaces, perfectly balancing and jumping from branch to branch.


But what about apartment cats? Not all owners let their pets out for a walk and to fulfill their instinctive needs.


With a certain amount of imagination and skill, you can yourself make a completely environmentally friendly "cat tree", giving your pet the opportunity to climb on the "branches", jump, hide and sharpen its claws.


Such a construction takes up a minimum of useful space in the apartment, but will delight the cat, keeping him fit, improving muscle motor skills, flexibility of the spine and accuracy of vision. In turn, physical health is good for the psyche, which is not unimportant for a pet.


The basis for a "cat tree" is a suitably sized branchy tree found in nature. Fruit species (cherry, cherry, apple, mulberry), as well as - ash, chestnut, pyramidal poplar, aspen and others will do fine. Conifers should not be used because their wood contains resins that can harm the cat's claws.


The chosen piece of wood should be fixed to the wall, floor and ceiling fastened firmly and safely, taking into consideration that energetic adult cats will climb and jump here. For the area of the scratching post they use sisal rope or cotton cord, carefully winding it coil by coil.


On the "tree" you can fasten fluffy balls on the rope, multilevel shelves, an enclosed frame house for recreation, hammocks, ladders, open passages, closed tunnels and other fun and sports equipment. All fasteners and joints of parts must be environmentally friendly (no synthetic glue) and mechanically safe (no sharp or cutting parts).


Catnip Accessories

Catnip, or catnip, is considered a natural antidepressant for whiskers. It is sold in pet stores in the form of sachet bags, powder, spray, and pressed balls. The appeal of catnip is due to the fact that the smell of this plant is similar to animal pheromones and has distracting, anti-stress and calming properties.


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