4 Processed Potato Ideas for Side dishes that Will Complete Your Dinner Menu

4 Processed Potato Ideas for Side dishes that Will Complete Your Dinner Menu


Potatoes have become part of the daily life of Indonesian people and are processed in various dishes. Of course, potatoes are not just processed into french fries and become part of fast food. This is because there are so many varieties of processed potatoes for side dishes and many are easy to try at home.

What are the ideas this time? Check out the following recipes, come on!


1. Mushroom potato rendang recipe, processed potatoes for a special side dish.

 Rendang recipes that use plant-based ingredients are an alternative that is not only affordable in price, but also healthier. Just look at the trio of ingredients used in this recipe potatoes, mushrooms, and red beans. All three have high nutritional value and complement each other. The use of Royco Chicken Broth with a new formula is also a highlight for this recipe. With this new formula, the broth is prepared from the old process of boiling chicken, rich spices, and iodized salt.

Use small potatoes or commonly referred to as rendang potatoes. Additional ingredients that are also important from this mushroom potato rendang recipe are oyster mushrooms and boiled red beans. All of which will produce a dish that is rich in taste. Combine the fine spices in the form of curly red chilies, red cayenne pepper, onions, ginger, coriander and pepper. Stir-fry with spices such as cardamom, cloves, deaf, turmeric, lime leaves, bay leaves, turmeric leaves, and kandis acid. All these spices are cooked with the main ingredients together with coconut milk until it shrinks so that the spices become dry and thick.


2. Recipe for potato gizzard chili sauce, a timeless companion menu.

Balado potato chili sauce fried with beef liver or chicken liver is often used as a side dish for Lontong Sayur, Nasi Kuning, or Nasi Liwet. These three dishes are menus that are often present at special moments such as Hari Raya or other special celebrations. In addition to the liver, cook balado with chicken gizzard. The chewy texture makes eating even more exciting.

For this menu you can use free-range chicken gizzard liver in addition to broiler chicken gizzard liver. The difference is that the texture of free-range chicken gizzard is harder so it takes longer to soften. In addition, if you want to give a different appearance, small potatoes or rendang potatoes are also interesting to serve. Cut 2 potatoes and then the potatoes can be fried or baked if you want an oil diet. Then cut the chicken gizzard with a size larger or close to the size of a potato.


3. Mustofa anchovy potato recipe, delicious long-term food stock.

 Although the process of making it is quite complicated, you can cook a lot of it at once so that it can be used as stock for a long time. This mustofa potato recipe is deliberately combined with anchovies and lime leaves so that the taste is more complete, namely spicy, sweet, savory, and aromatic.

Several types of anchovies that can be used are anchovies rice, anchovies, or anchovies jengki. If using anchovies, choose anchovies that have been cleaned. Usually it is split into two parts. Add red cayenne pepper to this dry potato chili sauce if you want a spicier taste. As an alternative to anchovies, it's no less exciting to use rebon or even Minang anchovies.


4. Potato cake recipe, must be present in all situations.

Potato cakes, a side dish that is not only famous in Indonesia, but also in various countries in the world. It's just so delicious, especially when it's combined with other side dishes. These cakes can also be an option for lunch or dinner menus. Whoever created it deserves the highest appreciation, here's an easy and delicious potato cake recipe from Cook What's Today

Despite their simple appearance, potato cakes have a depth of flavor that other side dishes lack. Sometimes it is filled with minced or plain meat, it is enough for him alone to accompany a complete dish that uses rice or other carbohydrates. Not only that, potato cakes are also suitable to be combined with a variety of proteins. From chicken, beef, to seafood, it's definitely suitable.

Complete selection of processed potatoes for side dishes at home this time. Good luck!


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