4 signals that it's time to clean the body of toxins

Most of the "garbage" that enters the body accumulates in the intestines, so about 90% of health problems are associated with it.


The body sucks out everything that has accumulated in the intestines, including toxins. With this state of affairs, health is of course at risk.


What the accumulation of toxins in the intestines can lead to:

A decrease in performance and a decrease in mood.


This happens due to a decrease in serotonin levels, the hormone of joy, which is responsible for the body's resistance to stress, for a good mood and performance. The fact that about 80% of serotonin is produced by the microorganisms of the large intestine, and they can not function properly in an environment contaminated with toxins. Accordingly, serotonin levels drop, which leads to the above problems.


Vitamin D is poorly absorbed


Poor absorption of vitamin D by the body, resulting from intestinal problems, leads to poor bone health, tooth decay and apathy. In addition, the lack of this vitamin can provoke the development of thyroid and heart disease.


Development of various diseases


On the state of the intestines depends about 70% of the activity of the immune system. If the intestines are "clogged" with toxins, the immune system activity is reduced, which leads to the development of various diseases: a person catches a cold, a cold can give complications, can start arthritis and many other ailments.


That the state of the intestines leaves much to be desired, the body, as a rule, signals at the very beginning of the problem. But, unfortunately, on these signals rarely pay attention.


Signs that warn you that it is necessary to clean the bowels:

you get tired quickly and often;

You are bothered by frequent and unnecessary headaches;

You have bad breath;

You have noticed rashes on your skin.

If you have noticed yourself the signs listed above, do not ignore them. You should consult a specialist to solve the problem. 


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