4 Typical Pontianak Foods for Daily Serving at Home

4 Typical Pontianak Foods for Daily Serving at Home

Behind the nickname City of the Equator it bears, Pontianak also has a variety of unique local dishes.  This is because the assimilation between Malay and Chinese culture is so thick felt in many aspects in all corners of the city.  Local and foreign tourists are also willing to come all the way to this city to taste the delicacy of Pontianak's special food.

Finding out about various national heritages such as this typical Pontianak dish can add to our love for our homeland, you know.  Let's serve Pontianak culinary culture as a daily meal at home by trying the 4 special recipes below!


1. Pontianak egg rice, perfection behind simplicity.

Don't underestimate this recipe!  The Pontianak egg rice menu secretly has a distinctive taste that makes it different from other egg dishes.  With only a few ingredients that are also easy to find in the kitchen, this dish is able to give a new twist to the cuisine at the end of the month.

The presence of sesame oil and garlic in this recipe is what makes Pontianak egg rice special.  Both play a role in creating a strong aroma in eggs, enriching the taste, and of course appetizing.  Set the heat so that it doesn't burn too high, as too hot cooking oil will most likely burn the garlic.


2. Kwe kia theng beef, Pontianak's signature dish with a delicious soup.

 Whether for breakfast or dinner, the soup menu is guaranteed to add warmth when dining with family.  The original version of kwe kia theng is a non-halal food, but don't worry, beef can also be an equally delicious alternative solution.

Prepare quail eggs, dumpling skin that has been cut into squares, and thinly sliced ​​beef.  After sautéing the garlic with the meat, add aromatic spices such as star anise, cloves, and cinnamon to the dish.  Add sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper, and Royco Beef Broth until it tastes just right, then pour the sauce into the bowl containing the boiled dumplings.  Kwe kia theng halal is ready to eat!


3. Pontianak's signature beef stew, an unforgettable classic.

Special beef stew with lots of spices in it.

In the Pontianak meat stew recipe, coriander, cumin, fennel, deaf, candlenut, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper are the ingredients that must be present to make a fine spice.  Along with the ground spices, add Bango Kecap Manis to the stir fry before adding the meat, water, and other seasonings so that the spices can be absorbed perfectly.


4. Pengkang, a unique and practical traditional snack.

If there is lemper on the island of Java, then West Kalimantan, especially Pontianak, has a rib as a mainstay of practical food for its citizens.  Pengkang is a traditional snack that is practical and safe to put in a bag.  Because of that, in the past, straddles were often used as provisions for Pontianak farmers when they went to the fields.

The main ingredient in making the brisket is glutinous rice filled with dried ebi, wrapped in banana leaves and clamped with bamboo so it doesn't come off or leak when burned.  Although traditional and ancient, the salty and savory taste produced is still not inferior to contemporary snacks on the market.  Pengkang can be used as a snack or daily breakfast or even developed into a small business idea from home.

You can make any regional cuisine and create it from your favorite kitchen at home.

Hopefully these 4 Pontianak specialty food recipes inspire you to explore more national cuisines.


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