4 Ways to Make Crispy Tofu with Various Fillings

4 Ways to Make Crispy Tofu with Various Fillings up


The current fever of crispy tofu or crispy tofu seems to be mushrooming in big cities lately.  For those of you who really like it and want to try something different, don't worry.  This time we want to share how to make crispy tofu or crispy tofu with various fillings.

All of the following recipes have been tested in our kitchen and you can easily try them at home.  So don't miss trying it, ok?  Listen to anything, come on!


1. Tofu walik recipe, how to make Banyuwangi's unique kriuk tofu.

This snack of tofu walik or tofu upside down from Banyuwangi really makes you curious about how to make it.  This flour-filled crunchy tofu dish is processed in a different style to get a crunchy surface texture.  Uniquely, this does not come from tofu skin or flour dough, but the inner layer of tofu dough.

Cut the skinned tofu and then remove the contents and turn it over so that the skin is actually inside.  Then the tofu is filled with a dough made from starch or sago flour mixed with chicken, beef, or mackerel.

Fried tofu stuff like that is also popular in other areas.  As a tofu lover, maybe you also want to know the variations of stuffed tofu recipes such as Semarang's typical meatball tofu, tofu filled with sweet and sour vegetables, and tofu Sumedang stuffed with vegetables.

If you want to know how to make crispy tofu with its own skin, fry the tofu in a lot of hot oil, then fry it until it is crusty.  Tofu skin is ready to be processed so it knows the contents.  Serve tofu walik while warm as an afternoon snack or side dish.


2. Bakwan tofu recipe, will make the house addicted.

Of the many types of fried foods in Indonesia, Bakwan Tahu is one of the most popular.  This food has a delicious savory taste and can be eaten as a snack or a side dish.  The main ingredients of bakwan also vary, from corn to tofu.

This time, our team will share recipes for making delicious bakwan tofu with simple spices.  There is no need to be afraid that bakwan Tahu will be confused with tofu content, because the processing is clearly different.  In this recipe, first crush the tofu until smooth to mix with the flour.

To make a crispy bakwan texture, you can also add rice flour.  The ratio of rice flour and wheat flour is 1:4.  While the tofu is used, you can use yellow tofu or white tofu.  Likewise with the vegetables, for this recipe you only need to add bean sprouts.  However, you can also be creative with other vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, and even broccoli.  The more fiber, the healthier.  Good luck!


3. Recipe tofu firecracker, delicious and spicy.

As with stuffed tofu in general, the first thing to prepare is the flour dough which will make this tofu well coated and the result is crispy.  Next, stir-fried carrots and bean sprouts are also prepared.  Just add cayenne pepper as a "mine" in the tofu stuffing later and also a little water with red chili powder.  Wow, it's getting hotter, isn't it?

As a solution, you only need to prepare Sumedang tofu which is relatively empty and easy to fill.  Or, for example, if you come across another type of tofu, be sure to remove some of the filling first.  Stuff, dip in batter, and fry until cooked and crispy.  Prepare spicy soy sauce as a companion.  Make this afternoon more exciting because of delicious snacks that will make you seuhah, as the Sundanese say.


4. Shrimp-fried tofu ball recipe, a delicious luxury snack.

One of the snacks that are suitable for everyday use is the recipe for fried tofu balls of shrimp.  The crunchiness on the outer shell and the soft filling is made even more savory with the presence of shrimp in the middle.  Don't forget to fry more, because it doesn't feel like it will run out soon!

Prepare in advance the mixture of shrimp and yam and tofu.  Make a round shape and store it in the refrigerator to make the dough denser.  Next, just prepare the flour and egg mixture that will serve as the outer layer before cooking.  Fry until golden then remove and drain.  With this snack, you can be creative with various dipping sauces.  Of course there is always bottled chili as a savior, right?

How about those four recipes?  Pretty easy to follow, right?  Come on, make this weekend more exciting by practicing various ways to make this crispy tofu!  Good luck!


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