4 ways to wake up and cheer yourself up without coffee

Do you wake up uneasy in the morning and feel like you're in a fog, rushing desperately for a cup of coffee to cheer you up? For many of us, getting a cup of coffee has become an automatic act that we do as soon as we get out of bed. It is simply a part of our daily life.


Recent studies have shown that coffee is not as harmful as once thought. Some even claim that good coffee can protect against heart disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes. So that's good news, but we should still keep in mind that coffee is far from being the healthiest beverage.


First of all, coffee is very oxidizing to our body, which causes digestive problems, intestinal discomfort, and a general imbalance of intestinal microflora.


Coffee can also increase the production of anxiety and stress hormones, stimulating the nervous system. The release of cortisol and increased insulin release, in turn, leads to the development of inflammation.


Many (myself included) know from experience, and research proves that coffee can disrupt sleep. Coffee has a diuretic effect - which means it flushes water out of the body, and with it the minerals: calcium, magnesium and potassium.


So why not try to beat this habit, avoid dehydration and throw off your slumber with other natural and healthy drinks?


Here are four drinks to try as alternatives to your morning coffee:



Chicory has been used as a "healthy" substitute for coffee for quite some time, as it not only resembles it in taste and color, but also gives you a wake-up call in the morning.


The chicory root contains 60% (on a dry weight basis) of inulin, a polysaccharide that is widely used in nutrition as a substitute for starch and sugar. Inulin promotes the absorption (absorption by our body from food) of calcium and magnesium and helps the growth of intestinal bacteria. Nutritionists consider it a form of soluble fiber and sometimes classify it as a prebiotic.

Chicory root contains organic acids, vitamins B and C, and carotene. For medicinal purposes, decoctions and tinctures of chicory roots are used, which increase appetite, improve digestion, calm the nervous system, and help the heart function.


Chicory can be found in different forms: instant powder or pellets for brewing in the kettle. There are drinks with other herbs and flavors added. I prefer to brew chicory in pellets, which I buy here. I pour a pinch of pellets into boiling water in a teapot and then dilute this "brew" with hot water.


Matcha tea.

And a few weeks before harvesting, the tea bushes are shaded to protect them from direct sunlight. This makes the leaves softer and juicier and removes unnecessary bitterness from them. Tea from such leaves is sweeter and contains more amino acids. You can buy it here.


Warm water with lemon juice.

This is my usual start to the day. The easiest way to wake up your body and energize it. Water with lemon not only quenches thirst better than any other drink, but it also saturates the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that we absolutely need. It also helps the body to restore the acid-alkaline balance, and we need this to prevent disease and get rid of excess weight. When we wake up, our body tissues are dehydrated and need water - to expel toxins and rejuvenate all the cells. Water with lemon helps to get rid of internal toxins and normalizes the kidneys and digestive tract functions, making them work as efficiently as possible. 

Freshly squeezed green vegetable juice.

If I have my juicer handy, in the morning I put different vegetables, herbs and definitely lemon or ginger for a nice flavor. Freshly squeezed vegetable juice is the best way to get a boost of vitamins and minerals. The main thing is that the set of vegetables should be varied in taste and color - it is more fun and more useful. 


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