4 Weirdest Countries in the World, Some Are Only 550 Square Meters

Every country in this world has many things that are different from each other, and often these differences leave their own peculiarities.

Actually there is no definite measure to assess the strangeness of a country, but the list of countries below can take into account.

Reported by smashoid.com from ,Here are the 5 weirdest countries in the world.

1. North Korea

North Korea emerged after World War II, when Korea was torn apart in a grueling war between South and North Korea that claimed 4 million lives.

In addition, North Korea is said to be the country that violates the most human rights because there is no right to religion, no freedom and no freedom of speech.

The North Korean government is alleged to have executed 700,000 to 3,500,000 people – mostly in public stadiums with witnesses.

2. Sealand

Can Sealand name a country? Yes, a very small country -- perhaps the smallest country in the world with an area of 550 square meters.

The country of Sealand is about 10 kilometers off the coast of England, which was used as a World War II fort and beach in 1967 by Paddy Roy Bates.

In 1978, when Bates left, Alexander Achenbach took over the country and proclaimed himself Prime Minister. Then Vates came back and hit him with a helicopter. Weird!

3. Other world Kingdom

One of the strangest countries is the Other World Kingdom (OWK). Located in the Czech Republic, the country was founded on June 1, 1996 with a matriarchal society in which women dominate men.

With complete dominance of women, OWK is ruled by Her Majesty Queen Patricia I who is called the "Ancestral Woman." Every woman has a man as her slave.

some people call OWK more as a tourist destination not a country. But the fact is that OWK has its own currency, passport, police force, flag and national anthem.

4. Ladonia

Ladonia is one of the strangest small countries. It emerged as a result of a legal battle between local authorities and artist Lars Vilks, over Nimis and Arx, two of his sculptures.

Proclaimed a country in 1996, Ladonia is part of a nature reserve in the southern Swedish enclave. This strange country started with a population of zero but now has 15,000 Ladonians.


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