5 best Android games like Free Fire Max on Play Store

Free Fire Max is a much-talked-about and upgraded version of the hit battle royale game Free Fire. It has teased better graphics, enhanced sounds, and some surprises.

1) Garena Free Fire

The original version of Free Fire Max (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Free Fire by Garena will obviously resemble Free Fire Max the most. For players who like short and quick games, it is the best option out there.

With 50 players in a Battle Royale match, combat is quick and intense. The clash squad mode features intense 4v4 matches.

Download it here

2) Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton recently opened Early Access for Android users (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India) Krafton recently opened Early Access for Android users (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)

The much-awaited Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be released soon, and it is per Indian guidelines. Players can easily spot some major changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India when compared to PUBG Mobile.

Krafton recently opened Early Access for Android users, and some lucky players got the first glimpse of the game. Since this beta program was launched earlier this month, the official release Shouldn't be very far away.

Pre-register for it here

3) COD Mobile

With the legacy of a massive franchise like Call of Duty, COD Mobile lived up to its name.

With high-quality graphics, a massive array of weapons, and locations from Modern Warfare and Black Ops, COD Mobile is one of the top BR games.

Download it here

4) Badlanders

The game by NetEase has a Battle Royale mode but with a competitive touch. Twenty-five players enter the BR grounds with different motives, and that's what makes the game interesting.

The whole point of the game is to loot, shoot, and survive.

Download it here

5) N.O.V.A Legacy

Players can experience the entire N.O.V.A. package in a 47MB download (Image via Gameloft, YouTube)

The N.O.V.A. franchise by Gameloft was well-received. Players who prefer sci-fi games and futuristic weapons ought to give N.O.V.A. Legacy a shot. The game has 8-player BR matches and 4v4 multiplayer matches.

It is high on graphics and low on storage, and players can experience the entire N.O.V.A. package in a 47 MB download.

Download it here

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