5 creative PRO ideas for MINECRAFT

5 creative PRO ideas for MINECRAFT 

Since the start of Minecraft, mobs have played a major role in the game. Players can obtain a wide variety of items from mobs in Minecraft.

Mobs are usually used for their drops. Early in the game, animals like sheep, cows, and chickens serve as an excellent source. After making progress, players can start farming mobs like villagers, endermen, hoglins, etc. Other than their loot, one can use mobs in many different ways.

Here are some interesting ways to use mobs in Minecraft.


Creative and innovative ways to use Minecraft mobs


5) Contraptions using rabbit


Rabbits are among the smallest mobs in Minecraft. These adorable mobs are attracted to carrots and start jumping when a player holds one near them. Using their tiny size, onecan lure them into redstone contraptions easily.


Players can use a pressure plate to create a redstone signal every time the rabbit jumps. This way, they can create secret doors that only activate when someone holds a carrot.


4) Iron farm using pillagers


Pillagers are one of the natural enemies of villagers in Minecraft. Villagers can identify them from a long distance. Like zombies, players can use pillagers to scare villagers and make them spawn iron golems. However, they will first have to pacify the pillagers by breaking their weapons during tests.


3) Wither for wither roses


Wither is arguably the most brutal mob in Minecraft. However, this monstrosity can be trapped in bedrock blocks. Players can use their end gateways to create highly efficient wither rose farms.


They can build an enderman farm in front of an end gateway with a wither trapped inside it. Wither will constantly shoot wither skulls at the endermen and eliminate them. Players can collect wither roses dropped by enderman.


2) Farming using "Johnny" vindicator


Minecraft is filled with multiple easter eggs. A vindicator tagged with the name tag "Johnny" becomes hostile towards all other mobs.


It is a reference to the movie The Shining, where the main character breaks open a door with an ax while screaming, "Here's Johnny!"


Players can use this Easter egg to make mob farms in a complex but fun way.


1) Automatic chicken farm using fox


Foxes are among the few mobs capable of holding items in Minecraft. These squeaky mobs also like to hunt innocent chickens for no reason. Players can make use of their natural behavior to create automatic chicken farms.


One can give foxes a sword enchanted with Fire Aspect to hunt chickens in a single shot. Due to the Fire Aspect enchantment, players will get cooked chicken from this farm.


With so many creative ways, players can truly express themselves and have a blast exploring their Minecraft worlds.


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