5 effective exercises for beautiful abs

Condition #1. Correct technique


The first condition for your abs to be strong and beautiful is the correct technique of the exercises. Many beginners and even experienced athletes pump their abs incorrectly. The most common error in technique is observed in torso lifts on the floor and leg lifts while hanging on the bar. After a series of approaches with incorrect technique may cause lower back pain.


Incorrect technique of torso or leg raises causes bending at the hip joint, where the iliopsoas muscles, not the abs, take the brunt of the load.


People who work in an office are the most affected, as these muscles are strained for eight hours due to the seated position. If you add to that the press exercises that are done incorrectly, the risk of lumbar problems increases.


Condition #2. Caloric deficit

The second condition for beautiful abs is a caloric deficit. Your goal is to spend more than you eat. For example, your calorie allowance per day is 2,500. To get the desired cubes, you should consume 15% less of your norm.


Top 5 abs exercises



Twists with your legs up.

Leg lifts in a hanging position.

Side curls.

Side curls with raised legs.


If you do the exercises correctly and do not overindulge in food, the first results will appear in a couple of months.


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