5 games that might be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase

Sony has finally announced the long-anticipated PlayStation Showcase, set for September 9, 2021.The PlayStation showcase has been anticipated since the E3 2021 season. After much speculation, Sony has officially announced the PlayStation Showcase, which will look at upcoming PS titles, both announced and unannounced.While God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West are strongly rumored to make appearances, here’s a look at some possible announcements.

Unannounced games that might make surprise debuts at the PlayStation Showcase

The event has been anticipated for some time, and the hype grew more after PlayStation was absent during the E3 2021 season. Ahead of their showcase, here are a few unannounced games that Sony could reveal.

1) Insomniac’s Marvel Spider-Man sequel

Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was released in 2018. The game was able to capture the freeflow traversal of the titular superhero and tell an amazing story following adult Peter Parker.

Following Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales, fans have been eagerly waiting to catch up with Peter and Miles in the sequel.

Sony announced the game back in E3 2016, two years before the game launched. As such, they could announce the sequel at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, with a target release date of 2023.

2) Metal Gear Solid Remake

Ever since Phantom Pain and Kojima’s departure from Konami, the Metal Gear franchise has remained more or less dormant with the core series, as Konami repetitively tried to revive the franchise.

Quite a few rumors have suggested that a Metal Gear Solid remake is underway. According to the rumors, the remake is being developed by PlayStation in partnership with Konami.It would be interesting to see how a proper Metal Gear Solid game turns out without the involvement of series creator Hideo Kojima.

3) Bloodborne Remastered

PlayStation is known for re-releasing beloved titles instead of just providing a simple upgrade path. So far in this generation, Sony has remastered or released the Director’s Cuts of both Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima.

The Demon Souls remake, released in early January, was a fantastic game and left fans hungry for more soul-like games. As such, PlayStation could bring over Bloodborne to the PS5.However, rather than a full-fledge remake, it could be remastered and helmed by Bluepoint.

4) Bend Studio’s Original IP

After Days Gone failed to meet internal expectations, a proposed sequel was canned. Since then, Bend Studios has been working on a new original IP, with the proposed open world of Days Gone.

The studio has been working on the title for nearly two years and could unveil it with a targeted release date of late 2022 or early 2023 at the latest.

5) Last of Us remake

A remake of the 2013’s iconic game Last of Us has been rumored for quite a while. It will supposedly be based on the same engine as Last of Us 2 and utilize the graphical and gameplay improvement introduced in the sequel.


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