5 Habits that should be followed to increase the longevity of life!

If you are careful about your body, it will reflect on you in the abnormal years, say the experts. There are nine everyday habits that can influence this.


BMJ magazine published data from a study in which scientists at Harvard's Chan School of Public Health analyzed the impact of nine lifestyle habits on people's chances of living a long life without diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer and other health problems.The attention of scientists, in particular, was focused on these p'yativyh shkidlivyh zvuchiki:



Lack of physical activity;

excessive weight;

Excessive alcohol consumption;

unhealthy diet.

They carefully reviewed information collected about 38,000 men who had been followed for 28 years and 73,000 women who had been followed for 34 years.


As a result, researchers found that adherence to a healthy way of life and avoidance of adverse habits can significantly prolong the years that a person lives without diseases."Women in their 50s who abandoned their adverse habits and turned them into healthy habits lived 14 years longer than women who did not do this. Men who began to adhere to all nine factors of a healthy way of life at the age of 50 lived 12 years longer than men who did not adhere to any of them. As you can see, it never hurts to adopt these habits," said Dr. Frank Hu, the project's lead specialist.


He added that for smokers, the most important thing they can do for their health is to quit smoking. For non-smokers, it is to switch to a healthy diet and increase physical activity.


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