5 Interesting gadgets that are really useful

1 Flying Alarm Clock The most difficult thing in the morning is getting up. The alarm rings, but we want to sleep so badly that we just hit the "off" button and are late for work again. These "tricks" will not work with a flying alarm. As soon as it's time to wake up, the alarm goes off your bedside table, eats, kicking you out of bed.


2. USB gloves. I think that everyone has had a situation where you still have to sit at the computer, and your hands are already cold. This is why the USB gloves were created. The nice thing is that heated gloves are available in two copies - with open fingers and closed ones, and the temperature can be set individually for each glove separately.


3.Laser virtual keyboard It is a very practical and useful gadget for people who type a lot. The gadget connects via USB and reads every movement of your finger across the surface. Unusual at first, but very convenient.


4. Flexible Drum Set This is a great gadget for musicians. You can connect it to both your tablet and laptop. Produces up to 50 different types of drums. The kit itself looks like a mouse pad that easily rolls up into a tube. Acceptable frequencies range from 40 to 202 beats per minute.


5. Scissors with Laser Sight. This is a great way out of a situation when, for one reason or another, you cannot draw the desired line on the material. Now it is simply impossible to cut inaccurately.


Follow the pace of technology development!


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