5 Most Expensive Foods In The World. There's Pudding for a Minimalist House!

As many people say, happiness is simple. You can bring happiness in simple ways like one of them is by eating your favorite food. However, can you still feel happiness when you taste the most expensive food in the world?

Speaking of expensive, we are not talking about food that costs millions, but tens to hundreds of millions.

With that much money, of course you can pay in installments, or even buy your own house!


If you are curious about these foods, just take a look at the full review!

5 Most Expensive Foods in the World

1. Chef Marc Guilbert's Chocolate Pudding ($36250.78)

This dessert created by Marc Guilbert for Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel….


….diagnosed as the most expensive food because it is enriched by two carats of diamonds.


In addition, this pudding is also equipped with a layer of premium Belgian chocolate, gold, and caviar that is ready to shake your tongue!

2. Tacos at Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort ($26243.32)

Who would have thought that this typical Mexican food could reach a price of up to hundreds of millions?

As it turns out, the tacos that can only be ordered at the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort are different from most of the tacos you're used to seeing.


The reason is, these fantastically priced tacos are served with a pile of the best Kobe meat.


Not only that, it also contains a mixture of black truffle brie cheese and Almas Beluga caviar which is the most expensive type of roe.

3. The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae ( $2484.37)

This ridiculously priced ice cream offers 28 different cacao, decorated in edible gold, and served in a glass with a golden leg.


A total of 14 types of 28 cacao choices are included in the most expensive chocolate in the world, you know.

4. English Wagyu Beef Pie ($15815.98)

This one pie is priced at a fantastic price because it is served with wagyu meat at a price of US $ 1 thousand.


Not only that, this pie also uses matsutake mushrooms, black truffle mushrooms, gold leaf, and two bottles of wine for US $ 8,400 as the filling.


Unfortunately, you can't eat it alone as this pie is served for 8 people.


According to a chef at the Fence Gate Inn, England, the pie dish is worth the price.

5. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence ($15256.12)

To feel the sensation of this hundreds of millions of cakes, you have to visit the Fortress Resort and Spa, which is located in Sri Lanka.

This Italian hash cassata cake is decorated with 80 carat aquamarine stones and will be served with champagne.

Those are some of the most expensive foods in the world that you should know.

Still interested in tasting it?

Instead of feeling happy, it seems that the sensation you get when you eat such expensive food is regret.


The reason is, you can allocate the money for other more important needs, right?

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