5 myths about how to make money online that are better not to believe

It's everyone's dream: to make tons of money from your living room, staying in your pajamas all day, working at your own pace, with no one telling you what to do. Who wouldn't like it?


If this is your idea of ​​" making money online ", get ready for a rude awakening. If, on the other hand, you are skeptical and think that there is no way to make money online, you will receive a pleasant surprise.


The truth is that misinformation and preconceptions reign on the internet. In this article we will try to dispel some myths and false beliefs, trying to describe 5 myths about making money with the Internet :

1) "Don't waste time, it's all a scam"


There are many skeptics out there who believe that the only way to make money online is by stealing other people's money by spreading useless books, selling ineffective webinars, or exploiting programs that resemble pyramid schemes.


Indeed, scams exist in this area and you should be aware of them. Alarm bells include: paying a fee before you even start earning, doing a certain amount of work for free to prove your skills, and getting paid through unconventional services.


And not only that: among all the "legal" job offers on the internet only a few are really saved, because most of them are of very bad quality. Are you a freelance developer? It is not uncommon to see offers of around 80 euros (or even less) for 20 hours of work. Occasionally you also find some well-paid jobs, unfortunately not as often as it should be in an ideal world.


2) "Anyone can make money online"


Just because it is possible, for some, to earn well online, it does not necessarily mean that it is also possible for you. Many like to argue that anyone can do it as long as they are ambitious and persevering enough, but the hard truth is that many of those looking to make money online end up not making a single dollar.


Also, it is imperative to have some kind of skills. Basically, offering something someone is willing to pay for. We are talking, for example, about skills in the field of writing, photography, programming, teaching, problem solving in general.


Fortunately, if you feel you are not good enough, you can always sign up for online courses.


3) "It's all fun and games"


When someone says they work from home, it's easy to judge them as someone who stays on the sofa all day playing and watching TV, never really working. These people can relax whenever they want, take days off and do whatever they like.


This is not quite the case. While it is true that those who make money from home have a certain degree of flexibility that he would not have if he worked in an office, on the other hand this kind of freedom also represents a huge responsibility. Most of those who make money working online, in fact, spend the same hours (if not more) working than a common employee.


So, if your job is too stressful or unsatisfactory and you think the easiest solution is to get to work online, think again! It could be just as stressful and you probably won't earn the same amount for years.


Do you really want to pursue an online career anyway? At least consider these aspects:


- Inconsistent income : some activities are more stable than others, but overall this type of work is characterized by much more uncertainty than the classic salaried position. Example: do you want to start selling on eBay? Consider that in December you can boom, while in January you will probably sell little or nothing.


Money Management:

you will find yourself managing a lot more money than when you just took a fixed salary. For example, a photographer will have to deal with dozens of customers, while a salesman will have to manage hundreds of transactions


- Taxes:

Those who work online are seen by the tax authorities as "self-employed", with all that this entails in terms of taxes and various contributions.


- Benefits? :

Think of paid holidays, periods of sickness, holidays ... all this, for a self-employed worker is self-dependent. There is no company that pays them.


- Marketing :

Anyone who rakes money online knows perfectly well that he has to constantly promote his name, and this is true both in the case of a writer who needs more customers, and in the case of a merchant.


4) "You'll get rich in no time"


Except for a few cases, if you want to live on the income of your online business you have to resign yourself to growing slowly and gradually. The only shortcut can be represented by the fact that you are famous characters or in any case already recognizable in your field of action.


Take the case of a web developer . No customer will entrust you with any task unless you demonstrate experience and have already demonstrated that you offer a quality product. This implies a continuous effort for improvement, the enrichment of experiences through "minor" works, and the preparation of a portfolio of one's activities.


Or the case of an online merchant . Whether you need to sell new iPhones or second-hand scarves, it will take a fair amount of time before you can establish yourself as a reputable seller.


Anyone who tells you that online you get rich in no time or is naive, or has little experience or even worse is trying to rip you off.


5) "There is only one way to make money online"


Anyone who tells you that you have to do this or that thing to be able to make money online is probably lying to you. Potentially, you could make money doing anything as long as someone is willing to pay you.


Some ideas (obviously to be developed): start a blog; manage an ecommerce site; create mobile apps; photography; translations; draw comics; develop sites; write books; etc.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can start your own business or look for someone to hire you, but the common key is to determine what problems you will be able to solve and get your customers to pay.


Are you still convinced to pursue a career in the tumultuous world of online work? Best wishes!


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