5 Natural Immune-Boosting Ingredients

The immune system can be interpreted as the body's work system to fight a disease. The immune system can protect the body from attacks by organisms or germs that can cause disease. However, when the immune system is weak, the body will be susceptible to disease. The immune system must be continuously maintained and improved in order to remain immune from disease.


There are many ways you can do to increase your immune system. One of them is by taking health supplements such as vitamins, herbs or herbal plants. There are several herbal plants to increase your immune system, including the following.




Who does not know with this one spice? Turmeric is a plant that has many health benefits, including boosting the immune system. Turmeric contains curcumin. The body's defense and anti-inflammatory mechanisms are the properties of curcumin as an immunomodulator.




Ginger is often used as a cooking spice and a raw material for making drinks that can warm the body. Basically, ginger contains essential oils with the main components being gingerol and shogaol. Gingerol and shogaol compounds contained in ginger have strong anti-inflation and antioxidant effects.




Galangal has the ability to increase the body's immune system through macrophage activity and increase T cell proliferation. Galangal also contains compounds that can increase antibodies, namely kercetin glycosides.




Although the appearance and aroma are less attractive, noni fruit is able to increase the production of lymphocyte cells for immunity in the body. It turns out that the noni fruit contains compounds that can play a role in increasing the body's resistance, namely scopoletin. Scopoletin can play a role in expanding blood vessel channels as well as improving blood circulation.




Garlic has several advantages, such as; maintain health by regulating hormones contained in the body; regulate blood flow in the body; can even increase passion in love. Allicin contained in garlic is a powerful component that can destroy bacteria and infections.


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