5 reasons why a Pisces man ignores a woman

A Pisces man loves to hover in the clouds. And here he sits, all enigmatic, and dreams about.... who knows what he dreams about. And you are trying to attract his attention: in this way or that way bu all you get in response is an indifference and before you came up with billions of different theories just listen here stars have found 5 reasons why a Pisces guy might ignore a woman.


What's with the fishnet tights, the leopard dress, and the bright red lipstick? Pisces won't even go near a vulgar person. Oh, you approached yourself? Well, good luck - charm Neptune's ward as much as you want, you won't succeed anyway. And Pisces will wait for his shy princess - this guy prefers modest women with good taste.


The more effort you put into conquering a Pisces man, the further away you are from the coveted prize. Pisces will hide from your pressure under a mask of equanimity. It's not a mask, though, but a real, genuine ignorance, and it pays to tone it down to get out of it. 


Neptunes pets has amazing intuition, and he instantly "unmask" liars and hypocrites. And if you deceived Pisces, get ready to be ignored - he will not communicate with you. Never.

Commanding tone

Are you trying to get the Pisces man under you? He does not mind when the initiative in the relationship is in the hands of a woman, but the command tone is not tolerated. After trying to "build it" he will sail into a quiet abyss and will ignore you from there. "You won't get it, you won't get it," the Pisces guy shouts and shows you a fishy tongue. 


Pisces has no flaws, and if you find any, it means you're automatically on his blacklist.

There is another reason why the male Pisces ignores women. But this reason has no number - it is stamped: top secret. The stars will share the secret - the Neptune's ward is happy when he is alone. And any attempts of a woman to penetrate into the cozy fishy world end up... with nothing.


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