5 reasons why Apple iPhone smartphones are BOTH

№1. Complete set

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

The first reason is known to everyone who follows trends in the smartphone market. But it still needs to be explained.

Buying a new device, you probably want to get everything you need to start using the device right away. However, in the case of Apple phones, you have to suffer.

In the box with the iPhone 12 and even with the relatively old iPhone Xr you only get:

- smartphone;

- Lightning to USB-C cable;

- documentation;

- paper clip to remove the tray;

- a sticker.

Believe me, the only really important part of the kit is the sticker, because you can stick it on your forehe ad.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

But here, too, the Apple fan is in for a treat. Before 2020 there were two apples, and now there is one. So it is necessary to choose: to stick the logo on the forehead or still on the laptop body.

In addition, the iPhone, according to the developers, is the only smartphone in the world that does not need to be charged. Otherwise, how can you explain the absence of a power supply in the box? And yes, if you try to insert the included cable into the old adapter, you will be welcomed with open arms.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

How does the manufacturer explain this? He assures that there are over a billion power adapters in circulation, so you have to buy another unit to charge your iPhone. Amazing logic, isn't it?


In the meantime, the competitors are going their own way. And here's what the package looks like for the notional Poco X3 NFC, which costs 3-4 times less than an Apple smartphone.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

Power adapter with fast charging, a case and even a film on the screen - all this is not in the box with the Apple iPhone. But the iPhone will still be more popular, as the box continues to be an apple.

№2. Lack of technology

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

At the presentation of the iPhone 12 in 2020, special attention was paid to the fact that the new iPhones received support for 5G networks. The presenters said many words about the importance of the technology and why 5G in the iPhone 12 is a breakthrough.


However, Samsung, Huawei and even Xiaomi did it 2 years before the American brand. It would seem that we can forget the old blunders and move on. However, the iPhone continues to be at the back of the industry. Apple smartphone screens still do not support an increased refresh rate.


And here many will rightly point out that this technology is unnecessary. But in time, and Californian developers will

 put the display at 90Hz or 120Hz, calling it a breakthrough. Who will be right then?

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

Of course, the case is not limited to Hertzia alone. iPhones still have their signature "bangs", which do not allow the owner to comfortably watch video. And in parallel, even third-rate companies like UMIDIGI produce models with a retractable front camera.


Here an Apple fan may rightly note that the "bangs" contain vital sensors for unlocking the device. Okay... Let's come back to this topic in a year or two, when the iPhone loses the notch and offers, for example, an under-screen scanner as protection.

№3. Autonomy

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

If you have not yet understood why you should not buy an iPhone, this point should set the record straight. After all, you surely do not want your smartphone to run out of power at the most inopportune moment.

But the owner of almost any Apple smartphone will face the situation that the iPhone quickly runs out of power and does not allow to do the usual things. The iPhone SE, iPhone 12 mini and even the iPhone 12 look like whipping boys against the far from the most autonomous Samsung Galaxy S20.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

And that's only when watching videos on YouTube! And what will happen to your iPhone if you run a resource-intensive game or use several wireless connections at the same time?

To be fair, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max do last a long time.

The problem could have been solved by offering Apple fast charging. But alas, while Xiaomi bundles a 120W power adapter with its flagship, and 30W adapters have become the norm in the mid-budget segment, the iPhone supports no more than 20 watts.


A loyal Apple fan will probably say that fast charging hurts the battery. But let's talk about that only after the iPhone stops shutting down at temperatures below freezing.

№4. Lack of freedom

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

Apple has made great contributions to the world in the fight against piracy. Alas, this commitment has led to a cult-like ecosystem of the American brand that is hard to break out of. The iPhone limits its owner to everything, offering to pay for every action.

A simple example. I use an online movie theater that I pay money to access. And then an interesting show comes out that is not available on my platform. What do I do? I download the season via torrent. And the owner of the iPhone in the meantime will keep track of the stock, so that I don't have to pay for an extra subscription for the sake of one series.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

Also on the Apple smartphone you will only be able to install apps from the official App Store, which Fortnite fans already have problems with. And we have not yet said about the inability to install a memory card to expand the storage by 32 or 64 gigabytes...


Maybe, then, no one is forcing the iPhone owner to stay in the cult. If you want it, get out. But when trying to switch from iOS to Android, the user will encounter a host of difficulties regarding data transfer.

№5. Price

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

People are used to the fact that everything in this world has a logical explanation. So an Apple smartphone that has a meager package and lags behind in technical terms should cost an order of magnitude cheaper than any competitor in the flagship segment.

But in practice, the iPhone continues to be the most expensive phone on the market. Therefore, many people are forced to buy an Apple handset just to be on the same wavelength as the rest of the world.

5 причин, почему смартфоны Apple iPhone – ДНО💩

These were 5 reasons not to buy an iPhone, from the Gadgetarium channel. And now it's your turn to tell us, are you still in the Apple ecosystem or are you using a smartphone from another company?


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