5 reasons why the car is still man's best friend

1. Freedom. You don't depend on streetcar, train or bus schedules, on weather conditions, or on other external factors, and feel free to go wherever there are roads. And some manage to do it in places where there are no roads.


2. Meditation. A big city is a constant accumulation of people: offices, shopping malls, cafes, streets... The hour and a half that you spend behind the wheel is a time when you can physically enjoy the solitude. Listen to music, podcast or audiobook, think over important thoughts, sing your favorite song at full voice or just shout. The main thing is not to forget to close the windows!


3. openings. A car is always a desire to go by it, but not to work or to your mother-in-law, but to go over the horizon. Not necessarily around the world or Paris - Dakar, but to explore all the nearby cities, towns, villages, ponds, abandoned power plants and other interesting places!


4. EAL. What? Yes! Sure, daily jogging and push-ups are cool! But knowing that you're driving tomorrow (or even in a couple of hours!) perfectly motivates you to drink juice instead of something stronger, and the daily winter exercise with a shovel and a scraper to clean your iron horse in winter is a great hardening.


5. Benefit The main expense item for a car owner is, of course, gasoline.


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