5 shocking facts about disloyland

1.Walt Disney was a secret FBI informant against communism During the Cold War, Walt Disney cooperated with the FBI and was an informant against communist activities.

2.Two deaths on the MatterhornIn 1964, a 15 year old boy was riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland, but fell out of the cart and hit his head on the rails to death. Also in 1984 a 48 year old man without a seat belt decided to go for a ride without one. As a result his body was crushed under the cart.
3.35 Disney employees were arrested for sex offenses The arrestees included security guards, gift vendors and animators. Their crimes included pornography, child prostitution and pedophilia.
4.A teenager was killed when he snuck into Disneyland In 1966, a 19-year-old illegally snuck into Disneyland by climbing over the fence. When he climbed the monorail track to jump into the water he didn't see the train and it hit him and dragged him 12 meters
5.Disney threatened legal action against kindergartens Three kindergartens faced a lawsuit from Disney for using the Mickey Mouse character as drawings on their walls.


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