5 simple ways to quickly calm your nerves. Feel better at any age

1. Exercise at least 7 minutes a day 


There is a very famous study that even 7 minutes of exercise will make you feel better and even overcome depression! Scientists have tested different groups of people and found that medication doesn't help as much as simple physical exercises like abs, push-ups, and squats. 


I can tell you from my own experience that every time I work out with dumbbells, even the simplest biceps or delts exercises, I feel just fine. 


2. Learn to thank the people around you 


I've noticed that often people don't know how to thank each other. To criticize for a snag, a typo or a mistake is easy. To laugh at the absurdity - too. But to say sincere pleasant thanks for what the other person did well - it is difficult. 


In the meantime, gratitude is one of the easiest ways to make ourselves feel good and calm. One study, for example, showed that if you write a written thank you to your loved ones every day for 3 weeks straight, your well-being will seriously improve. 


3. Spend quality time with family or friends 


Seemingly obvious advice, but it's first, scientifically proven, and second, available to almost everyone. There is a study that shows that, for example, for a 45-year-old man is extremely useful to spend time with siblings or old friends, and in 20 years this investment will make them feel great. 


And, most interestingly, this parameter (time with family) has a stronger impact than money or success. 


4. Help other people - 100 hours a year 


It's not obvious, but if you want to feel good, help others feel good. Studies recommend doing this for 2 hours a week (a total of 100 hours a year). That's just a drop in the bucket. 


Here's what one study says: if a person is given money and asked to spend it on himself (for example, on a concert or on clothes), he will feel only moderately happy. If, on the other hand, he spends it on gifts and purchases for other people, his increase in happiness will be much higher. 


Moreover, afterwards, the person to whom the gift was given will also want to buy something for others. This will be a so-called "chain of mutual aid," where everyone helps others. 


5. Meditate - you can just observe breathing. 


You can even teach this exercise to a 7-year-old child. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and watch yourself breathing. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Don't speed up or slow down your breathing, just observe. In 5 minutes you'll feel better, in 10 minutes the anger will be gone. And if in 10 minutes it won't, in 20 minutes it will definitely be better.


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