5 Top Apps to Make Money Online With Your Smartphone in 2023

In this article, I'm going to show you the top five newest and highest-paying money-making apps for 2023. This is an updated list as many apps for 2022 are no longer paying, and that's no new news, but the apps we're talking about in this article are new. With these apps, you can earn from as little as five dollars per five minutes to as much as five thousand dollars or even more.

You will find the perfect app for you after reading this article. These are almost for everyone who is interested in making money online as a side hustle to get paid on a consistent basis. Most of these apps are accepting people from all over the world and of course, all of them are absolutely free so the first thing you need to have before using these apps is of course a PayPal account that is the only way you're going to be able to cash out your money from these apps so you need to have a PayPal account.

 And if you don't have one just go on over to PayPal's official website and create one for free it only takes a couple of minutes and then you can go ahead and use as many of these apps as you want but just remember that while you can make some good money using these apps they're not going to make you rich.
These are apps you can use if you want a legit side hustle or maybe even something to help you support yourself or your family how much you make here will depend on how much time you're spending on these apps, so please pay close attention so you can find out how these apps work that way you know exactly what you're going to be doing in these apps, so you're not wasting your time and end up not making any money.

1. Steady app

Right here is the first app we're going to be talking about in this article, and just so you guys know that this whole thing is legit, you can even see up here they have testimonials of people who have been using this app so far and what they've got to say about it.

You can see up here now it pays people grants or incentives just for using their app, and as it says right here, their members can make up to 500 over the course of using their app it's really amazing how this works, and of course, it's endorsed by no other than Shaquille O'Neal, so you know that this is legit I don't know what happened after you discover steady.

Try to find an extra income, but the only downside is that this app is only working in the United States for now, so it's not worldwide, like I said, most of the apps we're talking about in this article are worldwide, but this particular one only works in the United States, but of course, I'm going to show you other apps that work worldwide.
This app so far it's even been featured on Forbes, yahoo finance, CNBC, and a bunch of other news outlets, so this app is new and it's really hot right now.


2.      SURVIMO

The survimo app pays you to take surveys and it pays really, really well. Here,  you can earn up to five dollars per answer that you give on this platform. I think it's one of the highest, if not the highest paying survey apps out there right now and it pays really well.

It pays you straight to your Paypal account and as it says here as soon as you finish answering all the questions for the survey they're going to deposit all the money into your server email account and then of course you can get paid using PayPal or even any gift card of your choice so this one is really easy to use. All you have to do is come here, sign up and start earning.

It's of course accepting many different countries around the world, so this one is worldwide, as you can see here, these are all the countries that it's currently accepting. You can just select your country and it's going to show you how much you can get paid in whatever country you are in.

It is really interesting to see so just make sure you go ahead and select your location so they instantly know how much you are going to make for whatever location that you are in right now to sign up, just come up here and click the signup button it's going to take you down here where you can fill out your information, your email and your password, and of course get access straight into your dashboard so that you can start answering these questions and making money right away.

3.      Paidera

And the next app we're talking about is called paidera now this one helps you turn your time into money as it says right here and it pays you for doing multiple tasks really simple tasks by the way and of course it pays you no matter what country you live in you can use this on a smartphone or on a computer and it also kind of works like the previous app we just talked about it pays you to take surveys.

There are unlimited tasks so you can do as many tasks as you want per day and they have instant payments where you can actually get your money out on the same day after requesting a payout down here you can see what exactly they're gonna pay you to do. Here you can actually get paid just for signing up to any website or offers. It's really easy to do but you're only going to be making a few dollars with just this one so you might want to take advantage of the survey or even the upload video feature the invite friend feature is also really good so they're gonna pay you for every friend that you bring onto the platform.

So, this is one that you can also take advantage of to make a little bit more money inside of this platform they have over 930 000 members, over 7.8 million tasks completed, and over 151 000 payments sent to their members to date so all you have to do to get started with this one is to come up and click to create an account and it's going to take you over to the signup page where you can fill out your information really quickly get your account verified so that you can get access straight into your dashboard.


4.       Test.io

test.iotest.io is really interesting because it pays you to test free websites and even apps on your smartphone, so you're getting paid to use apps and websites just like you normally do. It's really interesting. How test.io works is really, really easy. There are companies that want to test their new websites; they're going to come here and pay their website to get people to test their platforms to see if there are any issues or problems with their systems, and then they're gonna pay you to do the work for them.
You earn good money at the end of the day, they pay up to fifty dollars per issue that you find on these websites. So, I know you're going to be finding a lot of issues with these websites because they're going to pay you really well for doing that and you can even get paid for rating these applications or websites. It could be something as simple as you find some kind of bug or glitch in the home page and you'll be getting paid for every issue that you find because of course that is valuable information to the companies that own these apps to help make their services or websites better and getting started is really simple.
All you have to do is fill out the small form and create your account immediately and get started with this one. I think this one is really, really nice to use; it's simple and it pays really, really well for what it does.


5.       Enroll app.com

This website pays you to take tests on your smartphone and get paid per test that you take. It works basically the same way as the previous app we just talked about they have companies that want to test their apps or websites using real people, and they will actually pay you for helping them find problems or issues with their products;


they pay you out with PayPal, which is really convenient of course meaning that you can get your money out even on the same day after requesting a payout just so you know that this app is really popular and a lot of people are using it right now they have over 651 000 tests that have been taken on this platform so far. This platform will let you earn money.


Bonus: Earnviv.com | Highest paying rewarding website.


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