5 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers .

5 Ways to increase your instagram followers


In my company, Instagram is a social media platform that results in more engagement - even though we have fewer followers on Instagram than us on Facebook. On Instagram, we have many of our viewers who love our photos, comment, tag their friends and post their photos - including their photos wearing headbands of our company.

That kind of promotion is what Instagram can offer. Here are five simple ways you can grow your own Instagram following:


1. Put your handle on your packaging and marketing materials.

Make your handle more visible in your marketing and products. The chances of someone thinking about you having Instagram and speeding up are lower than that if you show your handle for your customer to see.


2. Send products to Instagram influencers.

What is your target market audience? Find those accounts, and see if they'll make your promoted posts. Ideally, they will agree to post in exchange for free products. However, in most cases they will charge extra shipping costs. If your site allows promo codes, see if the promoter will agree to a custom promotional code, where you pay for each use. When one of the promoters' supporters commands, he wins and the one in power wins.


3. Liking and commenting.

Try joining in other people's accounts by posting comments. Obviously, “liking” images is good, but when you comment, your name and your character are more pronounced than liking it.


4. Tag your friend.

Capture an Instagram giveaway that requires your followers to tag a friend in a comment. Therefore, your audience will bring you new fans who may not have heard of you yet. Recently, we made a donation where our fans tagged a friend and added an emoji story with their friendship. We've received more entries than we ever had on offer!


5. Give people a reason to follow you.

Instead of just saying, "Follow us on Instagram," give people a reason. For example, my company aims to help and encourage people to follow our Instagram to see their purchases at work. So, if you also have a fashion brand, tell fans that they can find style inspiration on your Instagram. Encourage them with the content you offer rather than telling them to follow you.



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