5 Wonders of Nature: of Russia

1. Stone Sail 

The famous landmark of the Krasnodar Territory, the Sail Rock, is located in the vicinity of Praskoveyevka. Nature itself has created this majestic sandstone monument. This thirty-meter giant stands on the coast completely alone. The history of its appearance is covered with guesses, but no one knows the exact answer. Geologists suggest that the Sail is all that remains of the seabed from ancient times. The hole in the rock also remains a mystery. There is an opinion that the stone giant received this "wound" during the Caucasian war, but this theory has opponents. 


2. Divnogorie 

The Voronezh Region is known for its Divnogorye Nature Reserve. This plateau is located at the meeting point of the Quiet Pine and the Don. An incredibly beautiful land that you fall in love with at first sight. The peculiarity of the reserve is the chalk deposits, and the chalk pillars gave it a name: the chalk pillars were called "divom" by the locals. In addition to picturesque landscapes, Divnogorie is rich in architectural and religious monuments: there are many churches of the 17th century, a monastery of the same period and the remains of the medieval fortification of the Mayak settlement of the 9th-10th century BC. 


3. Stone mushrooms 

In Altai, in the Akkurum tract, mushrooms grow from stone. This is a very unusual creation of nature - the result of denudation (partial relief washout). Unfortunately, stone formations are fragile and susceptible to destruction. Scientists are sure that our grandchildren will not see this miracle anymore. 


4. Camel Mountain 

The remainder of the rock, preserved to our times in the Orenburg Region, is surprisingly similar in outline to the "ship of the desert" and is considered a symbol of the steppes of the Trans-Urals. This sculpture made of hard rocks was created by the artist-nature.  For a long time, the wind diligently blew the soil until the once huge mountain turned into a bizarre quartz block 20 meters high. 


5. Death is a mountain 

The height of the Vottovaara mountain in western Karelia is 417 meters. This is the highest point here. The way to the memorial complex, located on the top of the mountain, lies through creepy taiga places with dried trees, dead lakes and without a single living soul. People are sure that this place is a concentration of mystical negative energy. Followers of occult directions are attracted here like a magnet – they are sure that evil forces live here, and it is in this place that the portal to other worlds is located. There is also the so-called Karelian Stonehenge – more than 1,500 stones laid in a bizarre way. 


Due to its diversity, Russia will never cease to amaze inquisitive travelers and scientists with unexplained phenomena, incredible places and natural works of art. And it's wonderful that there is a place for miracles and man-made masterpieces in our life.


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