56 Of 165 Indian Cricketers Who Pursued IPL 2024 Didn't Play Single Ranji Match: Report

The Indian Head Association (IPL) is set to start off on Walk 22 with the Chennai Super Rulers set to take on Imperial Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the competition opener at the Mama Chidamrbaram Arena in Chennai.


While the Leading body of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had as of late cautioned players from picking "IPL over homegrown cricket" and, surprisingly, barred Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan from their focal agreements to set a model, it seems like they have some work on their hands, in the event that they truly believe the players should focus on India's chief top notch cricket rivalry.


An investigation report by the Indian Express finds that out of the 165 players that pursued the IPL, upwards of 56 didn't play a solitary Ranji Prize installation this season. Likewise, 25 different players played just a single match, suggesting almost 50% of the Indian cricketers in IPL 2024 played possibly one or no Ranji Prize match. While it very well may be contended that the players have decided to allow the 4-days matches wrong to remain injury free and delay their white-ball professions, there is no reasonable strategy set up by the BCCI to hold the players within proper limits.


Jay Shah Declares 'Test Cricket Motivation Plan' To Focus on Test Cricket


Among different measures to guarantee youths don't move their concentration from red-ball cricket, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah likewise declared a 'Test cricket motivating force sceheme'. According to this sceheme, players highlighting in north of 50% of Test matches in a season (expecting 9 Tests) will get Rs 30 lakh for each as playing 11 motivator while a non-playing 11 impetus of Rs 15 lakh. Those that show up in under 50% of Tests won't get any motivating force at all.


In the mean time, players that show up in more than 75% of Test matches which successfully implies at least 7 Tests out of 9 apparatuses, will get Rs 45 lakh for each match as playing 11 impetus while getting Rs 22.5 lakh per match motivation as non-playing individuals.






















































































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