5G network coming in India: Things to know

It's been a while since we have been using 4G. Now it will be time for 5G soon. In next 100 days or more the government is planning to run out a trial of 5G network. Telecom minister Mr.ravishankat Prasad has made a set of procedure, and if everything will be followed as such, then the days are not far when we will be using the 5G network. 

UK will also roll out 5G in July, once the trials are passed I'm I dia we will also become of part of Nations who use 5G. The auction for 5G spectrum will be completed by the end of the year.

5G will give 20 times faster speed than 4G network and better voice quality with less call drops. But still there are some pending questions that need to be answered and made into plan before switching to 5G like 

..How much the operator will have to pay for 5G.

..will new handset will be required for the same.

.. which areas will have 5G

Etc etc

There also a news that through 5G huwaei is also trying to enter into India's Telecom spectrum.Telecom Minister RS Prasad has already said that the department will take a final call on whether Huawei will participate in the 5G rollout. The backdrop for all this is the ban on Huawei in the US, for fears that the company can spy on global citizens and the close proximity to the Chinese government. 

With 5G, smart cities and interconnected smart devices would become a reality.


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