6 countries where housing by the sea is cheaper than an apartment in the outskirts of cities


The clean Adriatic Sea, mountains, pleasant climate and relative cheapness make Montenegro attractive not only to tourists, but also to migrants. An apartment with 2-3 rooms can be bought for about $ 28180.

The catch: you can not count on a good job and business: in Montenegro, high unemployment, almost no conditions for a business. However, the cost of living here is low, you can try to enter the field of tourism or work remotely.


Judging by the number of emigrants, Spain is an excellent option for migration. Many note the high quality of life in relation to cost. Apartment, for example, in Torrevieja or Alicante you can buy from $ 49315.

The catch: dual citizenship is only allowed here with the countries of Latin America, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and Portugal. All others who want to become subjects of the King of Spain will have to give up the passport of their native country.


Greece has also been one of the main destinations for migration for many years. Those who live here for at least a couple of years, no longer rush to leave and feel comfortable. The cost of apartments by the sea starts from $ 35225.

The catch: high unemployment and complicated, confusing bureaucracy. And the Greeks have national peculiarities: unpunctuality and slowness, due to which any paperwork will take a lot of time and effort.



There is an opinion that this is almost the best state for migration, but locals and laws would disagree. However, there is cheap housing here. For example, in Pattaya. The cost of apartments here starts at $ 49315.  

The catch: you should not rely on legal high-paying jobs in Thailand. For a business, even less so. The company must have at least 3 founders, one of which is Thai, he must own at least 51% of shares. If you don't have a stable remote job, you can't count on a paradise life in Thailand.


Bulgaria, of course, is not the richest country in Europe, but cheap housing and access to the sea make it profitable for freelancers. The cost of small studios in Sunny Beach starts from $ 9863, and houses with an area of 70 square meters - from $ 28180.


The catch: the citizens of the former Soviet Union are unlikely to be able to radically change their environment here. And with jobs is not so simple: most foreign diplomas are useless here, and local companies offer fees commensurate with the prices of housing.


In addition to the sea and a pleasant climate, Turkey offers the migrant low cost of living, a variety of delicacies. The cheapest apartments here in Alanya. Furnished "one bedroom" will be bought for $ 23953, "two-bedroom" - from $ 28180.


The catch: a peculiar temperament of the locals, which is difficult to get used to. The first time you have to put up with loneliness. Many of the laws will be unfamiliar. Every few hours, for example, loudspeakers around the country begin to work. For 10 minutes you are relentlessly urged to start praying. It will also be difficult to find an official, high-paying job.

How do you feel about living away from your homeland? Are you willing to live in the countries offered?


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