6 Facts about Travis Scott's Concert Leading to Death in the US Colored by 'Drug Injections'

The music concert that took place in Houston, Texas, United States ended in death. At least 8 people died and others were injured. The stampede incident occurred on Friday (5/11) evening local time. The police who carried out the investigation suspected that 'drug injections' were carried out during the concert. So what happened at the music concert? here are some facts:


There was a crowd in the afternoon A few hours before the deadly incident occurred, the audience also had time to storm the perimeter of NRG Park which is the location of the event. This sparked a chaotic situation for security personnel and event staff. At that time, several people were trampled as hundreds of people stormed the perimeter and knocked down the metal detectors. Even so, the previous crowd incident had nothing to do with the deadly incident that night. Crowd Starts When Travis Scott Shows Up As reported by the Associated Press and AFP, the incident occurred when the crowd exploded in front of the stage while US rapper Travis Scott was performing at the sold-out music festival. The incident occurred at the Astroworld music festival which was held in Houston, Texas, United States (US). At least 8 people died and several others were injured in this incident

Crowd Triggering Concert Stopped Houston Fire Service Chief Samuel Pena, as reported by local media KTRK and reported by abc13.com, told reporters that the crowd of about 50,000 spectators began moving closer to the stage at around 9:15 pm local time. The situation made the audience at the front pressed between the barrier and the crowd behind him.

"The crowd started to fill the front of the stage, and people started to panic," said Pena. Separately, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner asked event organizers to stop the event when many spectators were injured. "At some stage, the event was stopped when the crowd surged," he said.

Pressure Triggers Casualties Pena said the pushing and shoving of the audience in front of the stage caused the death toll. "We have at least eight confirmed dead tonight and a number of others injured," he said. Mayor Sylvester Turner said as many as 25 people were taken to hospital by ambulance after the thrusting. Some of them had heart attacks. "Eight people died. Most were aged between 14 and 27, although the age of one of the victims is unknown," Turner said. This Astroworld music festival is held annually and it was reported that 100,000 tickets were sold out within 1 hour when sales started last May.

Drug Injection Report The police received a report about someone who injected drugs during a music concert. Finner said police were still reviewing reports that said there were "several individuals injecting other people with drugs". "A security guard reported he "felt an injection in his neck" when he tried to hold or grab someone and then fell unconscious," Finner said, citing reports from the medical officer treating the officer. Finner said the health worker also saw an injection mark on the security guard's neck.

25 Arrested-1 Carrying Marijuana Finner said there were several people arrested in the music concert incident. Some even brought marijuana and got drunk. "So far last night's arrests, 25 were arrested. 23 of the 25 people committed violations. One was carrying marijuana and one was drunk," he explained.


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