6 habits that are killing your smartphone

1. The habit of carrying without a case.

You will not believe it, but most often in service centers apply precisely because the smartphone fell and broke. You're lucky if only the screen or back panel is cracked, because in the worst case, and beaten the insides, which can not be recovered.

Cases and protective glass are not invented for nothing, it is better to buy them together with your smartphone and stick them on the phone right away. They certainly will not protect from the fall, but from the consequences of the fall - very much so! According to the experience of experts, protective glass saves phones in 15-20% of cases.

2. The habit of washing with the phone.

Lovers of bathing in the bathroom with the phone risk losing it. And those who at this moment also keep it on the charger, in general, risk their own lives.

The second most common cause of smartphone failure is moisture. A smartphone dropped in the bathtub, coffee spilled on the screen or a fall in a puddle can be a reason for serious repair.

3. The habit of charging

It would seem that what's wrong with constantly charging your smartphone? Well, it turns out that constant charging is bad for your battery. If it's charging more than 50%, it's not worth recharging it.

It also makes no sense to discharge the phone to zero after purchase - this habit is inherited from the old generation of batteries, the new ones do not need this practice.

4. The habit of heating and overcooling

Critical temperatures are also bad for smartphones, so often exposing your phone to sunlight in summer or frost in winter is not worth it.

Leaving your phone in the car overnight in freezing temperatures will cause the lithium-ion battery to lose the lion's share of its power. It's the same with the sun.

5. The habit of jamming the memory

Who among us cleans our phone memory beforehand? That's right, no one. We remember that the phone memory is not rubbery only when it starts screaming and panting about it.

6. The habit of fixing things yourself

  1. Forums, YouTube videos and Google will most likely not help you in fixing your smartphone if you are not a professional in this business. So resetting to factory settings and other tricks won't work, and can only make things worse.

dhimas - Oct 23, 2021, 9:04 PM - Add Reply

nice article

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