6 Rules of a Successful Business Conversation

1. Take notes


Any business negotiation should be carefully noted down. Going to a business negotiation without a notebook is not professional.


2. Don't dress fancy for a negotiation

Leave all your fancy clothes in the closet. You must feel as comfortable and natural as possible.


3. Gifts - later.

If you have gifts or souvenirs you wish to give to the business meeting participants. This is best done after the meeting. Giving gifts before the meeting is not ethical.


4. Turn off your phone.

Calls that interrupt a business meeting show that the person is not showing proper consideration and respect for the meeting. You may simply be misunderstood.


5. Controlling Behavior

Control your behavior. Don't play with your pen. Do not stare blankly at the floor, and even more so do not draw incomprehensible drawings with a pen on a piece of paper. Also unprofessional will look too relaxed. pose. Concentrate and be attentive.


6. Prepare .

Think about and write down talking points in a notebook and take it with you to the meeting. Before the meeting, read them several times. This method will help you not to forget anything and look professional.


And finally, the main thing to remember is that you will succeed. Have confidence and success.

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