Quoting Wikipedia, β€œSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.”

Now, here are a few ways to optimize your websites for search engines so that they show it as a result for specific searches.

#1 Declutter

Remove unnecessary plugins and widgets on your sidebar and footbar. Cluttered sites decrease the speed at which your site loads and this can be pretty annoying for visitors. So get rid of all those unnecessary things to increase your page loading speed.

#2 Effective and clear

Make sure you use keywords and tags that focus on the core and subject of your blog post/site. Use these words in the url of your post, in the title and somewhere in the beginning of your post. This makes your post appear more relevant and tailored to those keywords. Post whose urls have numbers and symbols are often perceived negatively and so it’s better if you put your keywords in there instead.

#3 Link building

Make sure you list links to other authentic and verified articles in your post. Linking to other relevant articles gives your post a little more exposure and makes your content seem better. Pingbacks are an effective way of facilitating community growth as well. Including feedbacks and testimonials on your site can also help you make your site more Search Engine friendly.

#4 Sharing

Add share buttons so that the reader can share your post across multiple platforms. This helps in expanding your readership and giving your blog more exposure. Adding a description for all the images you use in your post is also a great way to get your posts to show up as search results.

#5 Producing Content

Even though you follow the textbook tips, it ultimately comes down to consistent posting, sticking to a schedule and producing quality content. Giving your reader meaningful content worth reading will make them regular visitors and adding relevant and related images complete with image descriptions, apart from making your posts seem more structured will also aid in SEO.

#6 Structured and comprehensive

If you start off with a long and tiring introduction, chances are your readers won’t even read past the first 2 sentences. This can be detrimental to your site and the best way to prevent it is by breaking your post into smaller, comprehensive bits. You can do this by making use of headings, sub headings, bullet points, paragraph breaks etc.


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