6 Ways to Make a Lot of Money Even When You're Sleeping

 Here are 7 ways that can be done to develop passive income sources.

1.Selling Online

Opening your own online store and selling products to many people is no longer a difficult thing, because now there are lots of marketplaces that provide opportunities for you to build an online business. To make your online store a passive income, you can ask for help from relatives or friends to cultivate your store. If you don't have someone you can trust to manage your business, you can arrange a delivery schedule according to your free time. So, you don't have to always check orders and make deliveries every day. Make a note in the store description column that your store does not deliver goods every day, so consumers will not complain if the goods they ordered have not arrived in a few days. Even though it's not purely passive income, but at least you might receive a lot of orders while you're asleep.

2.Creating Content Online

It is possible to make a lot of money just by blogging or producing videos on Youtube. Especially if you have something important and useful or entertaining to share with others.Although this method is not purely passive income, the income will continue to flow as long as visitors come and see the content you create. To keep visitors coming, you must be committed to continuing to provide content. Make a schedule for uploading your content, so that visitors will know immediately when you upload new content. You can also install affiliate links or adsense (paid ads) so that you get more profits

3.Investing in Peer to Peer Lending

Investing in peer to peer lending allows you to provide loans to other people. Then you will get passive income in the form of interest paid by the borrower periodically.

koinwork is one of the peer to peer lending investment platforms that allows you to invest with funds starting from IDR 100,000 only. In addition, by becoming a lender at KoinP2P you have helped the development of MSMEs in Indonesia, you know! Then, what if the borrower cannot repay the loan? Take it easy, choose a low-risk investment product where KoinWorks provides up to 100% protection fund facilities. So you no longer need to worry when your investment doesn't go as expected.

4.Investing in the Stock Market

There is no investment that can provide profits in the blink of an eye. Most investments that can provide high profits are usually long-term investments, which are over 10 years. If you are an investor who has an aggressive risk profile, then investing in the stock market can be the right choice.

5.Sleep and Rest

There is some evidence to suggest that sleep can indirectly help you financially. Adequate and quality sleep will make you more alert and productive at work.

Conversely, lack of sleep is often the cause of various diseases such as heart disease and obesity. The quality of sleep will greatly determine the quality of your health in the future. Not only that, getting enough sleep will help you stay mentally sharp and that means you have productive time to work and earn money.

6.Become a Writer and Publish Writings or Books

Do you like writing? From fiction to personal opinion? It can really be a source of additional income from your hobby! The trick is to write down these ideas in the form of articles or books, then publish and publish them. You can publish it with a willing publisher. You will get royalty money from every sale of your book. But, if there is no publisher who wants to publish your writing, you can publish it for free through various platforms or websites on the internet, even the national mass media.


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