6 Ways to Relieve Headache Without Medications

Headache – According to the Brazilian Society of Headache (SBC), there are further than 200 types of headaches that affect people. The causes are varied, with differences in symptoms and in the region where pain appears most intensively. Among the most popular reasons are





stress stress

The precise opinion of the cause of the headache must be done by a specialist, so that the ideal treatment for each case is indicated. Tone- drug, generally done by people, is noway recommended and can indeed aggravate the situation.

In this sense, neuropsychiatrist Gesika Amorim indicates some home treatments that can relieve headaches and are fully natural, without the use of medicines or chemical factors. Check out the suggestions


Home Remedies for Headache



Still,non-pulsatile, and appears in the front of the head, If the pain is tensional. For this type of discomfort, a warm compress should be placed on the forepart for 10 twinkles.

“ On the other hand, migraine, whose cause is vascular, is a pulsatile, temporal and unilateral headache, that is, it happens on one side of the head. In this case, the cold water compress can relieve a lot”, explains the croaker.



Acupuncture points can also help with pain relief. According to Gesika Amorim, puffing the point between the indicator cutlet and the thumb for a many twinkles, with indirect movements, can relieve the headache vastly. In cases of migraine, temporal massage in the area of pain is also effective.



Known to be one of the most salutary natural druthers for health, tea can also be taken to relieve pressure headaches. Among the most recommended are


melissa tea

Mint tea

mint tea

Lemon attar tea

chamomile tea

Essencial canvases


Using essential canvases – similar as lavender, tea tree and rosemary – directly on the pain point, before the massage, or gobbling the aroma through a diffuser are some of the options to reduce headaches.




According to the neuropsychiatrist, consuming foods rich in caffeine, similar as black tea and coffee, can be an effective way to reduce headaches in a natural way.


Avoid certain types of food


Gesika Amorim explains that some foods, similar as crapola, wines and chocolates, detector headaches, adding the discomfort. “ That is why it's important that you keep a headache journal, so you can understand when and under what circumstances it comes”, concludes the croaker.


When does pain come worrisome?


Despite being a common pain and generally not presenting anything serious, it's still necessary to pay attention to the signs that the headache can bring. Neuropsychiatrist Gesika Amorim says that, if the discomfort is veritably violent and frequent, appearing for further than 15 successive days, it's necessary to take this information to the croaker, in order to discover the cause of the symptom.


Still, that is, the pain was in one way and also suddenly changes to another, If you have a headache that changes its pattern. In addition, the frequent use of drug for headaches can beget drug- abuse headaches. Thus, tone- drug shouldn't be performed.


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