7 best phones around the world

Nowadays there are a lot of smartphones all over the world, but now we are gointo g see about the smartphones which are liked and used by many people.

Let first see a small introduction about the smartphone. Innovative phones companies are creating many features day by day.

These companies are launching more smartphones with new features that are developing the technology and also the country.


 Apple iPhone 13 pro max

iPhone is one of the most innovative companies by giving a different feature with complete security. Most people like only apple brand smartphones.

The latest update from Apple iPhone is the Apple iPhone 13 pro max. The display of the iPhone is 6-7 inches. 


Max has excellent battery life with a thicker, larger capacity. Apple companies read the customer's mind that what they need, so only they are famous worldwide.


 Samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

Samsung is the first brand to launch a smartphone, but now there is one of the most important companies to developing itself.


This phone is the top 2 in the world to use all over the world. Galaxy z fold 3 is the best phone compare to other smartphones.

This company launches every type of smartphone, tablet, smartwatches, etc.,

This is the first company to launch 5g with both modes and powerful features. 


 iPhone 13

The Apple iPhone 13 is an excellent device to use with solid battery life. This phone has the same display, 6.1, compared with Apple iPhone 13 pros.

There is only one difference in this phone one rear camera is Less with no support of the Lidar scanner.


If the telephoto capabilities are unnecessary to any customer, you can save their money with iPhone 13.


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The Samsung company launched this phone in early 2020, the price of the phone price is $1,000 and higher range.


This phone challenges the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 12, and we can offer this phone to our loved ones.


Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g

This category phone is a little different from the regular series; an extra fit with a pen in this series.

This phone is one of the most innovative phones and is easy to adopt with this phone.

This phone has an excellent high-quality feature, incredible AMOLED displays. The weight of the phone is 208g.


Google pixel 5A with 5g

It is one of the essential phones to launch a 5g network with the upper-level feature.

In addition to the software focus for Google, the camera is the top feature to buy the phone.

The battery is another feature in this phone; android 11 is installed in the phone android 12 is coming soon.


Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is the first 5g phone to be available on the Google platform. It is not designed to compete with high flagships from other brand smartphones like Android, Samsung, etc,.

There are three colors black, green, and aluminum, we can also see the rear fingerprint sensor.


Which smartphones are suitable for you?

We can see the review of the newly launched smartphones and see the feature compare with the old series.

We can discuss with friends and family members, and also search on the internet.

We should be updated with newly launched phones which phones are going to take.


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