7 effective ways to save fuel on the car

Ways to save gasoline in fact a lot, let's consider perhaps the most effective of them.


The first way. The technical part.


What should begin with, so it is with the check of the technical part of the car. And it is necessary to look at everything: the condition of the hub bearings, the condition of the suspension, the wheels, if the rubber is properly installed (in the direction of travel, if the right pressure in tires), timely change the oil in the engine and gearbox. The fuel consumption is also affected by faulty sensors, so if the "check engine" lights up, it is necessary to go to the diagnostics and fix the problem.


The second way. Aerodynamics


Another of the simple things that affect consumption is the aerodynamics of the car. Even open windows in the car increase fuel consumption by up to 5%. If you are going on a trip and a roof rack is necessary, it is understandable, and if it rides with you unnecessarily, take it off, because a roof rack adds up to 10% more to consumption. A sunroof and an antenna on a roof, too, influence a little on consumption, but it is absolutely insignificant.


The third way. Mass .


The more mass the car has, the heavier it is to accelerate, the more it burns gasoline, therefore you should not carry anything extra, heavy with you.

Additional noise insulation weighs not a little, up to 100 kg and increases consumption up to 0,5 liters per hundred, to choose what is more important to everyone.

As to the weighting of the acceleration also belong large wheels, so if you do not care about the aesthetics of the car, it is better to put a wheel with a smaller diameter, which is recommended by the manufacturer.


The fourth way. Driving style.


In order to save fuel on the car, you should not accelerate quickly and brake sharply. It is better to switch gears at about 2000-2500 rpm, press the gas smoothly, if you see a traffic jam or a red traffic light ahead, it is better to start resetting speed in advance, and you should brake in gear, not in neutral. In general, riding in gear allows not only to save fuel (when driving on the gear with the gas released, the fuel consumption is zero), as well as in the winter time to improve traction. Consumption also increases when driving in traffic, so it is better to think in advance about the route and if possible bypass traffic jams, if, of course, it is expedient for the distance.

When driving on the highway, it is also not necessary to chase, the cruising speed of 90 km / h (or 2000-2500 rpm. in the last gear) provides minimal fuel consumption and safety.


The fifth way. Choice of gasoline


You should fill up your car only on proven quality gas stations. Just the majority of cars driving on gasoline AI-95 and above, can reduce gasoline consumption compared to driving on gasoline AI-92 (even though the 95-th more expensive 92-th), especially if it is recommended by the manufacturer.

The sixth way. Warming up the engine.


This applies mainly to driving during the cold season. There is no need to stand for 20 minutes to warm up the engine, it is enough to stand for a couple of minutes to allow the oil to disperse over the engine, and then at low speed, without loading the engine, drive for 5-7 minutes.

It is also not superfluous to warm up the engine compartment, as the engine will cool down longer, you will not have to warm it up again, for example, if you leave the car for a while.

Installing an engine heater is not the cheapest pleasure, but it helps to save fuel for heating and your personal time in winter. Moreover it is much more pleasant to get in already warm interior in winter.


The seventh way. Installation of installed installed gas equipment (LPG)


The installation of installed gas equipment allows reducing fuel costs, as the price of gas is cheaper than gasoline. The minus of this installation is that the cost of gas equipment is not the cheapest investment in the car, about 20,000 rubles. It is worth doing if you purchased the car for a long period, so the installation of gas turbine unit had time to pay off and start saving the fuel budget. So it is necessary to install the gas equipment only in specialized services, as illegal installation of gas equipment is punishable by a fine, and incorrect setting of the equipment will lead to higher consumption.


We have considered the most tangible ways of fuel economy, now consider the less tangible, as well as useful tips.


The choice between automatic transmission and manual transmission.


On older cars with automatic transmission fuel consumption may be by 1-3 liters more than on the same car, but with a manual gearbox. But on newer cars, modern technology has made it possible to equalize fuel consumption on an automatic and a manual.


Driving in the daytime with the DRLs.


According to the law, even during daylight hours it is necessary to drive with dipped beam turned on for better visibility of cars on the road. You can replace the driving with dipped beam at the drive with daytime running lights (DRL), they do not cost much. They save fuel due to the fact that they use LEDs, which consume almost no electricity, and thus have almost no load on the engine. It is also possible to drive with fog lights turned on, because they, as a rule, have lamps with less power than the dipped beam, or you can put LED lamps in the fog lights.


Useful tips.


If you fill up at the same gas station all the time, then by all means make a discount or bonus card (depending on gas station), it saves your money for a long time.


Nowadays a lot of banks offer you to get a card with a cash-back. What is it? When you fill up and pay for fuel with a bank card, you return to your account a certain percentage of the purchase amount. This method is gaining momentum recently and has already proven itself from the best side.


The third tip is suitable for those who do not like to travel alone. Various services such as blablakar allow you to find hitchhikers who will give you a discount on gasoline.


Applying at least some of the tips discussed above, you can save significantly on fuel costs. Let's not even consider other folk tips like "magic" magnets or driving with the heater turned off (especially during the cold season), because it's already beyond the limits of reasonableness.


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