7 facts about king Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun was ruling Egypt as pharaoh for ten years before he passed away at the age of nineteen. let's take a look into his life here are the 5 most interesting and mysterious facts about our beloved king Tutankhamun.


1. Tutankhamun married his half sister who's name was Ankhesenamun. She was the daughter of queen Nefertiti the woman who is considered extremely beautiful. If this happened in the current time that we are living in we would probably be shocked only by the thought of marring such a close family member. But it was fairly common at the time to marry a close relative but as we all know this can lead to children being born abnormal this tradition was also common by kings and queens so they don't loose their loyalty and keep the family pure.


2. Scientists belive that the king had two daughters that were stillborn, and these two mummified bodies of his daughters were inside his tomb when they discovered king Tutankhamun. It is believed that those two daughters were the children of Ankhesenamun and Tutankhamun.


3. Egypt's pharaoh died at 19 years old. And when the scientists studied his mummified body they discovered some interesting information about king Tutankhamun's death they found traces of the malaria parasite and also some type of bone disease and one of those two would be the cause of his death.


4. King Tutankhamun's tomb included 5.000 items and everyone wants to know the total value of these items some of them were made of solid gold. These items of the pharaoh are priceless and therefore there can't be an exact estimate of how much they are worth today. 


5. Anyone who opens king Tutankhamun's tomb will die. Is it the truth or just a coincidence ? Lord Carnarvon’s death occurred 4 months after unsealing the tomb of the pharaoh. And there were also another 11 deaths of people who were expeditioners. And all of this happened in the course of 10 years after opening king Tutankhamun's tomb 


6. The kings tomb contained another kind of treasure: a royal wardrobe made up of a wide range of clothing in both child and adult sizes. It had neatly folded underwear to leather armour, linen socks, patterned gloves and fragments of an elaborate wig, all were stored inside the chests and boxes carefully placed within the tomb. With many of these emptied out during a spate of  robberies soon after the burial.


7.The trouble in controlling burial place thefts was just that the abundance buried with the perished was so huge and the authorities entrusted with guarding them could so effectively be purchased. Regardless of whether a burial place were intended to bewilder a cheat and the internment chamber were found profound inside the earth and obstructed by rubble, there was in every case some way around these impediments for the clever hoodlum. The area of the burial chambers was additionally all around promoted as they either had huge pyramids transcending them or more unassuming, yet intricate, mastabas. Assuming one were searching for speedy addition, one need look no farther than plundering a burial chamber in the evening. 


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