7 original sauces for kebabs Ideas for gourmands

Store-bought ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are banal and literally clichéd options, and you don't want to take them with you on holiday. Here's how you can make your own sauces for a picnic.

7 original sauces for kebabs / Ideas for gourmands

Meat, fish or even vegetable kebabs are an essential part of picnics and out-of-town trips. Shish kebabs can be cooked even in the cold season - in an electric kebab oven or an oven with grill function. And to emphasize the taste of tender browned pieces of meat will help homemade sauce, which is easy to make according to our recipes.

Yogurt sauce

Delicious sauce for kebab, made from yogurt, will be light and nonfat, so it is suitable even for those who sit on a diet. It goes well with pork, chicken and fish, and will also go well with grilled vegetables, such as zucchini, peppers, eggplant and baked potatoes. By the way, you can not buy yogurt for such a sauce, but make it yourself - it will be useful and economical.

The basic composition of such sauce for kebab includes:

Thick Greek yogurt without additives;

Grated fresh cucumber on a fine grater (after grating, you need to squeeze the pulp slightly and drain the juice, so that the sauce is not watery);

Chopped greens - you can take dill, parsley, coriander;

Sea salt and black pepper to taste;

Fresh garlic;

Olive oil;

Dried paprika.

All ingredients for the sauce should be mixed before serving. The sauce is only eaten cold, so for a picnic on a hot day, it's best to bring it in a cooler bag.

Sometimes instead of fresh cucumber, grated salted, pickled cucumber or even pickled mushrooms are added to the sauce - you can try this option, too.

Sour Cream Sauce "Zahton"

This sauce is a less dietary and a brighter and richer variation of the yogurt dressing, but will go with any kind of meat. For this sauce, you will need:

High-fat sour cream;

Fresh garlic;

Chopped coriander greens;

Hmeli suneli;


After mixing all the ingredients, the sauce should be allowed to stand for 15 minutes, after which it can be served.

White mayonnaise-based sauce

This tangy sauce is more unusual than mayonnaise. It is not a good idea to use much of it, because the dressing is quite greasy and spicy. But if you take just a little, it will emphasize the aroma and taste of freshly cooked pork kebab. For the sauce you will need:

Homemade mayonnaise;

Hot horseradish;


Lemon juice;

Apple cider vinegar;


Salt, ground black pepper and cayenne pepper;

Fresh garlic.

All ingredients need to be whipped in a blender. The sauce can also be used as a marinade: the acid included in it will make the meat soft and tender.


Quick Honey Mustard Sauce

This tangy, sweet sauce goes especially well with fatty pork and lamb kebabs or grilled eggplant. It can be made in literally minutes. To do this in a bowl mix:

Mustard - it is better to take mild, not spicy;

Liquid honey;

Olive oil;

Balsamic sauce.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly with a whisk and serve.

Spicy Berry Sauce

Not the most usual in our kitchen, flavorful homemade sauce made of sour berries will go well with turkey or chicken kebabs. For it you will need:

Lingonberries or cranberries (both whole and frozen will do: the berries are mashed or simply crushed with a grinder);

Brown sugar;

Ground cinnamon;

Badjan or anise;

Cognac - if no children will be at the picnic;

A little water.

All ingredients of the sauce boiled over low heat until thickened, if desired, you can add a little starch to the sauce, the consistency will be more homogeneous.

Red tomato sauce for kebabs

Tomato sauce is a classic of the kebab genre and a good substitute for store ketchup. For it you will need:

Tomatoes - they need to be peeled from skins and seeds and crushed with a blender;

Red ground pepper;

Fresh garlic;

Chopped parsley and cilantro greens;

Brown sugar;

Lemon juice;

Salt, ground black pepper.

All ingredients should be placed in a saucepan and boiled until thick over low heat. If there is no time to bother with tomatoes, you can make a faster version, using tomato paste diluted in water. And even simple ketchup will taste better if you add garlic, fresh herbs and spices to it 15 minutes before serving.


A bright and healthy green sauce native to Latin America is used both for marinating and for serving already cooked kebabs. For the dressing you will need:

Finely chopped parsley greens;

Chopped garlic;

Olive oil;


Vinegar, you can take red or white vinegar.

These are the main components of the sauce, but you can also add cilantro, chili, lemon juice, thyme, sweet peppers and fleshy tomatoes to homemade chimichurri.

In the preparation of all the solid ingredients need to be chopped, thoroughly mixed and added liquid: oil, vinegar, lemon juice. We do not need to whip the sauce with a blender, the texture of the chimichurri must be uneven. After that, leave the sauce for two hours at room temperature, and then serve it.


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