7 phrases that it is better not to utter, so as not to attract trouble in your life

1. "I will never do that. I wouldn't take it for granted. Life is a thing where things happen. Today you're sure you'll never do something, and tomorrow you'll decide it's necessary.


2. "I wish I had your problems." It's a program. You want other people's problems? Repeat that phrase more often, and you're bound to have them. In addition to your own. 


3. "I'm a loser." Another program. Tune in better for the positive. 


It's up to us. Our emotions. Our attitude towards life. If you assure yourself that you're a loser, you will be.


4. "Go to hell!" Mentioning any dark forces is a shift to low frequencies, which will necessarily affect you negatively. It is better to turn to the Universe for help with strong positive energy. 


5. "I have to do it." Duty is responsibility, obligation. It seems like a good thing to do. 


But if you owe something to someone, it means that you do not fully belong to yourself. It prevents you from developing. 

For example, credit is taking money away from yourself in the future. Psychologists say well: "No one owes anyone anything. And this is correct. Everyone should do only what he thinks is right. Positive - will lead to success. Negative - will bring you down to the bottom. 


6. "I'm not up to it." Set yourself up for failure. You have to believe in yourself to succeed. 


7. "I'm sorry." I always say that you can not set yourself up for negativity. If something difficult happens in life, get past the stage of regret and sadness quickly. You can't stay in it for long. No good will come of it. You have to get to the positive more quickly. 


Be careful what you say.


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