7 signs that your phone is tapped

It used to be that the thought of your phone being tapped was a source of fear and indignation. Now some users are getting used to the idea that someone is constantly watching the actions of our smartphones.


Wiretapping can benefit a large number of people: manufacturers of goods and services, the government, blackmailers, employers, former partners, the press.


Tracking phone activity includes intercepting text messages and emails, recording voice calls, and screenshots. If you want, you can even remotely dig into memory, delete and install applications, turn on the microphone, and listen in on household conversations.


No matter what the developers say, it is possible to find a "hole" in any operating system suitable for fraudulent purposes.


Fortunately, most of these activities can't go completely unnoticed. A little care and you'll know for sure whose side your phone is on.




Severe heating and rapid discharging have never just happened. Before Android and iOS, they were the result of serious phone malfunctions.


And in smartphones, unreasonable battery heating is also one of the warning signs. If this kind of trouble happens all the time, the phone is sent to the store with a claim. And what do the employees of the service centers answer? Yes that heating is a standard behavior of smartphones during intensive work. Apple, for example, takes seriously only those complaints in which the device is so hot that it shuts down by itself.


The causes of overheating vary from innocuous to very dangerous. Most often it is caused by prolonged use of applications and long operation of the screen. But in this case, the temperature cannot rise so high as to cause damage to the microcircuits.


Can a hot battery be a sign of bugging? Yes, especially if the problem is observed at rest. Spyware is running in the background, putting a lot of stress on the hardware and the battery. Hence, excessive heating for no apparent reason.


The phone can also be warm for other reasons: when lying in the sun, standing on a charge, maintaining a lot of active processes. Observe what else has changed in its behavior.



If the battery suddenly stopped holding a charge, it happened for a reason.


Old devices tend to discharge quickly because their batteries have lost some of their capacity. However, the battery of a phone bought a couple of months ago cannot wear out so quickly.


Think about what applications you've been running lately and how they tend to affect your power consumption. If the intensity of use has not changed, but the battery life is falling before your eyes - it's not a good sign. The reason for this phenomenon is still the same: hidden spyware activity.


The constantly hot case and the loss of battery life are possible (but not necessary) consequences of malware activity. In any case you will have to take measures, because the normal use of the phone in such conditions will be impossible.



Not all tariffs provide unlimited Internet traffic. If you have to monitor your data usage, you'll immediately notice when your balance starts to drain faster than usual.


Spyware adds to your data usage.


Many innocuous applications communicate with servers in the background. This is necessary for them to work properly. Nevertheless, everyone has at least an approximate idea of how many gigabytes of Internet they spend each month. And when the expenses increase sharply, it is necessary to look for the cause urgently, as there is a probability that the data from your phone is leaking to the wrong place.


If the malware sends your photos, audio recordings and emails to malicious servers, it's either leveraging your home Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier's data plan. In any place and with any network connection, traffic leakage will take place.



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In the first days after purchase, the phone becomes a subject of great interest. Then, having got used to the operating system and played with new functions, many users go to the settings more seldom and forget what they have downloaded from the application store at all.


And by the way, it is very important to be aware of what is installed on your phone and what processes are running in the background. If you haven't installed them, it means that they got to you in an unfair way.


You don't have to click on everything on the Internet to catch a dangerous application. It's not uncommon for fraudulent apps to go straight to official digital content stores. In 2019, Apple found 17 apps with hidden functionality in its AppStore at once. Initially, they were thought to contain Trojans, but in fact there turned out to be adware, which, in general, is not very nice either.


If you take everything so seriously, you can find more and more signs of surveillance around you every day. But the truth is that only a tiny number of people are being targeted by hackers, individualized and bugged.

Nevertheless, basic security precautions should be observed. Only download apps from trusted sources. Apple and Google don't invest millions in the security of their stores for nothing. Of course, bugs happen, but they are so rare that you can trust the App Store and Play Market 99.99% of the time. No other store's content is as clean.


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