7 topics for blogger development

It doesn't matter if your blog is personal, professional or business. A person wants to read about his life, so among the topics presented, you will definitely find the one.


What will interest a hardcore bearded man and a luxury lady with a $ 500 haircut? What will be equally interesting to read to director Vitya, welder Artem and nurse Tatiana?


Popular topics are one. You just need to speak in a language understandable to the reader and choose the right words.


These topics easily get along in one blog, so you can write about everything at once.


Love, relationship, friendship, respect

Romance, friendship and relationships are not interesting, perhaps, only to a rotten stump. Stop, stop, stop! What the fuck is this? I have a business blog! " - you will say. OK. And if such topics:


"How my friend and I opened tire fitting and what came of it",

"5 reasons not to start a business with friends",

"My business experience with a relative: all pros and cons",

"I lost my wife and found my own business."


Relationship stories attract everyone

The topic of relationships between people is always in demand. Whether it's a casual office flirt or a life-changing unexpected meeting.


Money, yachts, cars, huts

Surely you know about pop themes in the style: "I will earn 10 lyamas per year or eat my persimmon." I don't advise you to imitate them, but ...


The topic of money and material values ​​is interesting to everyone, without exception. Unless you are a hermit or a Buddhist monk. To be honest, we also did not get into the heads of such people.


For example, I wrote a post about how my friend and I went to Moscow to buy a Mazda six. And there we were a little bit lit at 17k in one of the "salons". The story turned out to be instructive and provoked a violent reaction. By the way, the car is still all right.



The topic of money permeates almost any field.

Here are some more examples of headings for the "money" topic:


"How I went broke on bitcoins / investments in unfinished construction",

"Fast food - fast money: real money on fast food for a mere mortal",

"Greenhouse business: a new house in 1.5 years."

But this headline just popped up on YouTube and pleased: "What I have earned in 13 years as a welder."


Such a genre as a success story is very popular - stories in the style of "how I got to this point in so much time." It’s true, after all, it’s interesting to know how the hero got up so dashingly, or fell and got up. Such material fits well in an interview format.

Reveal the talents of a person, and you will have an audience. Conduct tests, and then, on their basis, determine what is better for a person to do, or let him decide for himself. Let him find out who he really is: a warrior, magician, teacher, knight or just a king. Or maybe the tsar sat in the janitors.


This includes all kinds of psychological blogs that help with career guidance.



You can't argue here ...

Don't you want to become a pro in your field? Fill a couple of dragons and show the local Captains America that America has been open for a long time. Moreover, it is you who are open. The person needs to answer: “Well, of course I do! Horseradish is clear. What should I do? "


This is why ambitious business blogs are interesting to audiences. Any projects a la "Blog of a Young Entrepreneur from Miami" attract people and flourish.


An example of a presentation of such a blog:


Hi, my name is Ivan. I am 29 years old and I have a business with an income of 200 thousand. “Not much,” you say. However, 2 years ago my salary was exactly 17 thousand rubles. I needed money so much that I was ready to grip the tire of a passing Mercedes with my teeth ... Career, development, self-knowledge, superpower

The topic is partly related to the previous one. However, there are some nuances here. Almost everyone believes in some special purpose and a unique superpower given by nature, available to him alone.


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