7 ways to earn money by learning a foreign language

Since a lot of free time is spent on learning a foreign language, many people do not mind combining business with pleasure and getting paid for it. And this idea is very strange at first glance - who will be paid money for studying?


Of course, the best option for learning a foreign language is immersion in a language environment. This can be done by moving to a country where the population speaks the right language. And then there is a problem - how to move to another country if you don't know the language?


However, people who can speak several languages are advised to discard stereotypical thinking and turn their education into income. There are a number of professions that will allow you to learn a language in a foreign country and earn money at the same time!


1 Member of the Au Pair program

How to make money by learning foreign languages

This term is very popular and means a nanny for a child or an au pair. This job is ideal for young people. Performing simple duties for the care and supervision of a child, they get a lot of advantages.


Usually employers provide housing, meals, foreign language training and also pay pocket money. In addition, you can improve your knowledge of a foreign language in practice. For those who love children and are ready to immerse themselves in the life of another country for a year or two, this option will become an invaluable life experience.


2 Tutor for elementary level students

How to make money by learning foreign languages

Another convenient way to improve your language skills is to become a tutor for elementary level students. If you already have a good set of knowledge of a foreign language, but you want to improve it, then this option is ideal. You can study both in person and online.


Now there are many sites where you register as a tutor, mark the level for which you teach, and work! In this way, you can share your existing knowledge with students and get paid for it. It happens that people are only looking for the practice of communicating with a native speaker, which may not be related to teaching.


3 Foreign language teacher

How to make money by learning foreign languages

If you know Russian (or English) perfectly well, but want to learn another language, this option is for you. For example, you dream of learning Spanish. Then the best option is to go to Spain and teach your native language there. Along the way, you can learn Spanish by communicating with native speakers and taking an active part in the life of the country.


The salary level depends on the country, but almost everywhere the money received is enough to pay for housing, food, insurance and flights. By the way, many polyglots learn languages this way!


4 Hotel employee

How to make money by learning foreign languages

This job does not require advanced knowledge of a foreign language, but the salary is not very high. Nevertheless, this way of earning money and simultaneously learning a language is very popular.


Working in a hotel, you can learn a new language by simply communicating with guests and listening to foreign speech around. This is much cooler than learning a language by watching TV shows and chatting on the Internet. Of course, you will have to work hard and communicate with people, but this option will provide immersion in the environment.


5 Waiter

How to make money by learning foreign languages

All polyglots claim that the best way to learn a foreign language is to communicate with its native speakers. Working as a waiter in a restaurant or cafe will be the perfect embodiment of this way in life. In addition to communicating with colleagues, you will have to learn a foreign language to understand customers.


Direct contact with native speakers in life situations will help you learn it even better than a personal tutor. Of course, wages in the service sector are low, but there is definitely enough for life. And the work can be temporary, for example, for the summer.


6 Translator

How to make money by learning foreign languages

You can continue to improve your foreign language as a translator. The first translations will be clumsy, slow and will take a lot of effort and time. But with each text, the skills will improve and the translation speed will increase.


To find a vacant translator vacancy, it is better to contact a translation company or a web agency, as an option: find individual orders on labor exchanges directly online. The undoubted advantage of this work is that it can be done from anywhere in the world!


7 Freelancer

How to make money by learning foreign languages

Well, the most popular opportunity to earn money by studying languages is freelance or remote work. Many polyglots started working remotely to be able to travel and improve their knowledge of foreign languages.


You can run a language blog, work as a copywriter in a foreign language, or even write scripts and short stories. And with the money you earn, you can really travel and learn a language among its native speakers!


All these professions will allow you to learn a foreign language and earn money at the same time. The main thing in this case is not to be afraid, because often people are embarrassed to show their poor level of knowledge of the language and do not speak it. Step out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised how realistic it is to make dreams come true!


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