7 ways to serve elegant summer drinks

The food may be the star of the summer party, but the drinks (the first thing guests will reach for) are what really set the foundation. But you don't have to fumble with a complicated recipe to serve impressive drinks. Even the simplest ones can be decorated for a special occasion with creativity. Decorations from the Garden Decorations from the Garden Prepare a set of toppings for your drinks by picking the prettiest herbs, vegetables, or even edible flowers. Trim the herbs for neat individual bundles, and slice the vegetables into thin ribbons.

       They'll add extra flavor and dressing to any drink. Edible Cocktail Sticks Edible Cocktail Sticks The summer melon makes a geometric decoration that simultaneously serves as a cocktail stirring stick. Use a spoon to cut balls, or cut cubes with a knife; string pieces in different colors and shapes for a mesmerizing decoration. You can even freeze them on a baking tray before serving to help chill drinks. Freeze multicolored ice Freeze multicolored ice Who says ice only needs to be made from water? Purée a variety of fruits (such as cherries, pineapple or kiwi) and place them in an ice cube tray, following the order of the colors of the rainbow.

       Freeze until frozen, fill a glass with your favorite flavor combination, and pour in your drink of choice. Bonus: make a salad from the leftover fruit to complement the matching drinks. Cool your drinks in a cart Cool your drinks in a cart Fill the cart with ice and decorate it with freshly cut flowers - this drink cooler makes a picnic look like a social gathering in the garden. Plus, after the party, when the ice has melted, you can take this cart around the garden to water the plants. Decor Sprinkles A glass with decorated edges is what really sets the party mood. Prepare plates with delicious decorations - salt or sugar in different flavors, crumbled cookies, crushed nuts, rainbow sprinkles or even cotton candy. Offer water or citrus slices to wet the edges of the glass so guests can choose their desired combination.

      Vintage Glasses Vintage Glasses Away with the plastic glasses (in the trash, of course) - get vintage glassware instead. Glasses from Granny's bureau or obtained at a flea market - such retro tableware will add a unique note to your party. And it doesn't even have to be a set! Bring your favorite assorted glasses - such an eclectic mix will come in handy. Living Ornaments Living Ornaments This cute piece is both a keepsake and a name card. Glue the air plants to a cocktail stick, and attach decorative scotch tape below so guests can easily distinguish their drink. Since epiphytes don't require soil or much water, this kind of plant decor will last through a hot summer day. Source: https://grandkulinar.ru/14708-7-sposobov-elegantnoy-podachi-letnih-napitkov.html Grand Culinaire


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