8 Best Apps to Make Money with Your Phone in 2023

1. Survey Junkie – $1.25  sign up bonus

It makes perfect sense to take internet surveys to earn extra cash. With just one survey, you most certainly won't become wealthy or earn hundreds of dollars every day, but you won't waste much time and can still earn a little cash quickly. Many of the surveys on Survey Junkie pay between $.50 and $1.25 and take less than 5 minutes to complete. Therefore, if you completed 10 surveys each day for a month, you could earn close to $400. The possibilities are infinite if you participated in more surveys each day.

2. Swagbucks – $10 sign-up bonus

Online survey-taking is a growingly popular side hustle for those looking to earn money quickly and easily. To complete surveys and test out new goods, research organizations are constantly looking for additional participants. Act quickly because Swagbucks, the top survey site according to BeerMoney.co, is currently offering new users a free $10 sign-up bonus.


Join Swagbucks, which pays you for watching videos on your phone, tablet, desktop, or mobile browser as well as doing short surveys.

3. Mistplay

Mistplay actually pays you to play games. While it may seem like a pipe dream to make money playing games, this app actually allows you to do so.


How it functions

1. Adding a game to your mix list is step one.

2. Start using that game to acquire units.

3. Exchange your points for cost-free gift cards.

It's done now.

You may download the Android app to get going and begin playing and earning right now.

4. Albert – Get $150 Bonus

Albert will lend you up to $250 so you can survive. No hidden hands in your pocket, interest charges, credit checks, or late fees.

You are allowed to apply for up to three cash advances each pay period as long as you have a paycheck and have paid back your previous advances. Nothing is a catch.


In addition to offering a $150 cash bonus to new members and an additional $150 bonus for each person you refer to the financial adviser service, Albert is a real person.

5. Nielsen Mobile – $50 per year

Nielsen wants you to use the internet as you do every day to make a difference and even earn money in the process. All you need to do is register your computer or phone; nothing else.


You may keep Nielsen's app on your preferred internet-browsing device for $50 per year, and they also give away $10,000 each month. As a result, it's one of the top money-making apps and you may probably earn more than $50 with it.

6. Dosh – $1 sign-up bonus

If you're looking for the finest cash-back app that you can download once and use for the rest of your life, we have what you need.

I'm not exaggerating either; the Dosh app is a free cashback program that helps you save money on purchases at more than 100,000 national retailers and brands, dining out, booking hotels, and travel-related activities.


You may use this reliable software to get cash back on regular purchases without having to scan a receipt. The App Store has almost 100,000 favourable reviews for it (best cashback app).

7. DoorDash

You can earn money delivering meals throughout your city if you have time on the weekends and at night. Simply by signing up to be a DoorDash Dasher and delivering takeaway, you may quickly make $500 this week. It is the ideal technique to generate a sizable amount of extra income whenever it suits you.


You might envision that it's totally possible to do this on the side and make $100 per day and be able to preserve it since many people do it full-time.

8. LifePoints

LifePoints enquires about you so they can match you with surveys that are appropriate for you. It pays to check in daily to see which surveys are accessible to you because they can pay up to $50 for some of them and have a $5 daily earning potential.

PayPal is used for withdrawals. Have I mentioned that it is one of the top paid survey websites?


Use a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a cell phone, or a mobile app to take paid surveys whenever you want.


Bonus :



How do you earn money on Earnviv?
To get paid on Earnviv, you can choose to convert your coins for PayPal payments, cryptocurrency, or gift cards from various retailers. Once you complete a offers, survey and more ways of earning you will receive an aggregated amount of coins in your account.


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