8 habits that will kill you faster than you think

Unsystematic and aggressive diets.

Surely you were tempted to quickly and easily part with a few extra pounds by summer? Or to give yourself a similar gift for your birthday?


Be careful - such results are tempting, but the path to them is replete with dangerous consequences for your condition. On the plus side (though it's more of a minus), losing weight quickly makes your skin sag and lose its softness, turgor, and elasticity, reduces concentration, drains your energy, makes you irritable, and pushes you into depression.


This kind of dieting also affects the mental state, forming complexes and obsessions. However, the most serious consequences will be for the stomach and intestinal tract. In general, going on a diet, remember: part with more than one kilo for seven or ten days is dangerous.


2. Lack of sleep

We are convinced that as we age, the sleep regime can be liberalized - they say that old people do not need sleep. Doctors and scientists agree that without seven to eight hours of sleep each night, a person risks losing his or her health before term. Those who don't get enough sleep are quickly fatigued and don't feel well during the day. In addition, unbalanced sleep is fraught with obesity, which further aggravates health.

Too much of it is not good for you either. If you go to sleep in time, but experience sleepiness and fatigue during the daylight hours, visit the doctor: perhaps you are dealing with disorders of the endocrine or nervous system, as well as frequently occurring in older people apnea - violation of the respiratory reflex.


3. Vegetable and fruit deficiencies

As you get older, your body needs fewer calories, but if you intend to keep a brisk stride, a shining Hollywood smile, and healthy skin color and texture until your white hair, the little you get should come from quality sources. Throw out fast food and potatoes and pies: Doctors and diet experts agree that the optimal source of calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates is natural colors: vegetables, fruits and herbs. In addition, fiber and fatty acids from fish are important - without them, your heart will not beat as confidently.


4. aggressive behavior and vindictiveness

Take care of your life and time: these are the ultimate resources. There aren't enough of them to drag past resentments, anger, and rage into the future. Learn to let go, learn to forgive, live for today, and life will be many times more productive.Even your wrinkles will be less because you'll stop frowning. The ability to forgive leads to a radical improvement in body, mind and psyche. Blood pressure and heart rate will normalize, and stress and anxiety will disappear.


5. Stress reduction

Nothing in life ages a person more quickly than constant stress. Hence all painful conditions. When you get rid of stress, you retain intellectual freshness and clarity of mind and cognitive ability.

Determine the list of stressors and find ways to reduce or mitigate their effects. For example, yoga, gymnastics or sports can help. Alcohol, alas, is no help.


6. Laziness and idleness

Speaking of exercise. Sports activities are all about slowing down and getting healthier with aging. They help prevent cardiovascular disease and overcome stress. But most of all, sports help prevent injuries. Any fractures or dislocations will limit your mobility and, as a consequence, the degree to which you can carry out habitual activities on your own. Scientific studies have shown that half an hour of walking three times a week dramatically reduces the likelihood of an accidental fall - which is nothing less than the main cause of injury leading to disability.


7. Alcohol abuse.

No argument - trivial.


But binge drinking is a major problem of the Russian people. You've probably heard that moderate alcohol consumption is good for your health. What remains to be discovered is what moderation is and how it changes with age.Just kidding.


There are no safe portions of alcohol - anyone who claims otherwise is blatantly lying for the benefit of the alcohol companies. Drinkers have reduced cognitive brain function and dramatically increased injury risk. Not to mention the negative effects of taking medication at the same time.


I think if you ask your doctor about safe portions of alcohol, he will be very surprised.


8. Smoking Tobacco

Smoking tobacco does not benefit the human body - this is an obvious fact. However, the negative impact on your appearance is just as serious: the tar and chemical compounds in cigarettes and cigars not only increases the load on musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but also reduces skin turgor - its elasticity.


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