8 Questions To Test Your Knowledge About Dogs

In many parts of the world people grow up with the idea of having pets. A large number of them choose dogs as companions, typically opting to buy a puppy or pedigree breed. As a result of these decisions, combined with other problems, dogs have the status as “man’s best friend” and, at the same time, are a species condemned to constant extermination.

The Popularity of Dogs

It was in China that the ancestor of all dog breeds appeared. The dog became a species not because of a lot of geographic distance but thanks to the decline of the American buffalo, on which large numbers of them depended for survival. A lot of dogs had been confined by a weaker tribe to a land where buffalo lived, because of which the canine species evolved and became a family pet. In the Middle Ages, dogs were widespread in Europe and North America and they have been kept by wealthy people. It was thought that dogs were useful for hunting and if they were killed, their prey’s meat could be preserved for use during the winter. Dog diseases In reality, dogs are carriers of some diseases.


What is Dog Anxiety?

Dogs are considered to be extremely emotional, almost “human,” by some experts. In this context, what are their anxieties, for example? Can we identify them? General dog anxiety is quite uncommon, as you may know. The causes are rather simple: they aren’t anxious all the time. Most dog-related issues are treated with a simple home remedy. Some dogs are nervous before the vet’s office, but this is not enough to warrant treatment. Some dogs become nervous when exposed to loud sounds or to strange people; they probably can’t hear properly. When it comes to dog obesity, one of the causes can be obesity itself, the result of overeating. Other dogs don’t become over-weight only because of the food they eat, but because they are also allowed to stay home more and more often.


How to Train a Dog?

As the saying goes, “Every dog is a good dog.” With all that said, it is important to realize that with each generation a new breed of dogs develops, and the dog population increases exponentially. The first steps on the road to making the most of dogs, therefore, are more difficult to make. Many people decide that all the problems and difficulties associated with the relationship with dogs is due to their “working habits,” and therefore, they search for an easy way to train them. In this context, below we have summarized some of the most important points on the subject. Is it Normal for a Dog to Stay in Bed With its Owner? When we read books or watch TV programs about dog training, we are often guided to the idea of encouraging a dog to stay in the bedroom with its owner.


Can Dogs Be Vegetarians?

A dog is a carnivore. But given the different dietary habits, it is possible to live with a dog in a vegetarian household. A 100% pure carnivore, a crossbreed, could easily end up serving as a vegan’s main companion. What’s Wrong With Dog Food? As a rule of thumb, it’s better to go for natural and healthy food products, the vitamins and minerals content of which should be higher than in cheap commercial products. However, natural products aren’t always sufficient. Since there is no way of checking the quality of imported meat and fish, it’s better to rely on supermarket food brands, where a single ingredient and a high proportion of vegetables should be guaranteed.


Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

We are led to wonder whether the tails that are wagging at the sides of your dog represent the tail of a dog in the wild, when it is adapted to that state. Nevertheless, the tail never loses its useful function. It has a physical significance and acts like a mechanical extension of the limbs. The tail of the dog when in captivity has two essential functions: it helps to protect the dog, and it can be used in communication. The tail of the dog is naturally adapted to the elements of hot and cold, moisture, wind, and the pressure exerted on it by the great mass of fur. There are millions of scales on the skin of the tail of every dog. The hairs are grouped in many burs, which are hollow tubes, like the feet of caterpillars, with limited or no connection with the rest of the body.


Is it True That Dogs Can’t Drink Milk?

Bolognese dogs do not develop the same enzyme that is responsible for cheese’s lactose digestion, which is why they can’t fully enjoy the taste. Does DOG stand for Dog’s Own Remedy? Not exactly! It’s actually a logo of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur. What’s the difference between a house and a home? A home is used by people and can hold pets or other belongings, while a house is used by another kind of people: that is, people who work in institutions, such as the army or post office. Can You Count How Many Bones Are In A Golden Retriever? Probably no dog owners could answer this question correctly. The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog that is known for its numerous and varied bones. However, only the correct number would have given you more points.


When Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog?

How can you keep a dog and prevent its reproduction if it is given a daily dose of hormones that suppress natural reproduction? To answer this question, we have to look at the two basic types of reproduction in dogs: spontaneous and induced. Sterilization. In all the breeds mentioned above, this means castration. In some breeds, such as Cocker Spaniels, dogs that are castrated are named “All-American” and, hence, “all-American dogs.” Spaying. Sterilization that uses the ovary, or, in the case of females, the uterus, as an intermediary. Spaying is done by the same methods that are used for male dogs. With females, the ovary is harvested. With males, the testes are removed, and the ovary (which also contains the testes) is surgically stitched in place. Mutilation.



The necessity of caring for animals is, in general, not completely accepted by the majority of people. As a result, numerous organisations set goals of non-animal welfare, especially of threatened species. If you want to change that situation, you should learn more about the life of dogs, being knowledgeable about the inner nature of the species. If you do not want to know much, do not go beyond the first question of this test.


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