8 things in a relationship you shouldn't tell even your friends

1. Sex 

Whether you want to brag or complain, you shouldn't share the details of your sex life with your friends. Surely buddies still want to look quietly into the eyes of your half without remembering elaborate poses, intimate tattoos, sexual fantasies and other details that should stay inside the couple. 


It will be embarrassing at all if information about intemperance in the stories reaches your soulmate. 


2. cheating on your partner that you intend to forgive 

If you're leaving someone who cheated on you, you can feel free to tell it like it is. But if you have even a shred of desire to preserve this relationship, take a break and don't tell anyone anything. You may find the strength to forgive your partner's infidelity. But your friends will not forgive and will remember the infidelity even at your golden wedding anniversary. 


3. Suspicions of infidelity. 

It seems to you that your partner is behaving strangely, is texting with someone else, or is not at work late at all. But you should not share these doubts with your friends if infidelity still exists only in your mind. It is possible that your suspicions are unfounded. But for the friends of your word will already be enough to consider the man as a traitor, at least a potential one. 


4. Personal problems of your partner. 

No matter what stage your relationship is at, you are still two separate people. Your partner's problems are his problems. You can support him, but you certainly shouldn't tell anyone around you anything, even if they can help. 


Every extra word turns you from a loved one into a trivial gossip. 


Let the partner himself decide to whom he wants to tell about his illnesses, failures at work, problems of parents. And this applies not only to current problems, but also to his past. 


5. Your partner's attitude towards one of your friends 

You don't have to tell him that your partner doesn't like any of your friends. All he has to do is create the illusion of a normal relationship so that he doesn't interfere with your relationship with someone he doesn't like. 


If you tell someone about the real situation, you will embarrass everyone at once. And don't be surprised if you end up having to choose between two people you care about. 


6. Bickering and complaining 

You may think that that's what friends are for, to have someone to complain about your partner. But put yourself in their shoes. If someone was constantly telling you bad things about the person, you'd involuntarily have to wonder why continue the relationship. 


Given that your buddies only hear your side of the story, the question gets louder and louder. It's only a matter of time before they start rescuing you from this awful relationship. Well, or stop talking to you, because no one likes to listen to someone else's whining all the time. 


Friends aren't going to help you solve problems within a couple. If you value your partner, discuss all the disagreements with him. 


But it is important to understand that we are talking about domestic disputes that spoil your mood, but not very threatening to your psyche, health or life. If you suspect you are entangled in an unhealthy, addictive relationship, talk about the problems and seek help, as you will need witnesses and protection. 


7. Correspondence and photos. 

Thanks to messengers, some things can not only be told to your friends, but you can show them. If you really want to share a snippet of correspondence or funny photos, first ask your partner if it's okay to do so. Not all sides of themselves are willing to show the general public. 


8. Partner Weaknesses 

Weaknesses make us vulnerable. By talking about your partner's imperfections, you give your partners a weapon against them. And even if they never take advantage, it's just unpleasant when someone tells you about qualities you'd rather not make public. 


You probably aren't talking about your partner's complexes, flaws, and strange habits out of spite, you just find it amusing. And at the same time, you're making him a laughingstock. Here (and in other


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