8 things that will dramatically change your life in 1 year

1. Stop complaining

No one is interested in people with perpetual unsolvable problems. Complaining is when you don't know what to do, but you talk about it all the time. The key male skill is to be able to solve your problems, not talk about it.


2. Embrace loneliness.

It's important to learn how to deal with your emotions on your own. Don't rely on others, on your wife or friends or bosses to do things for you. Your worries and difficulties are yours alone. Only you know what to do about it. Even if you have a wife and family, you are still alone in a sense, because no one will fully understand your thoughts, hopes, desires and goals. What's more, we don't understand ourselves very well, it takes a lifetime to do that.


3. Say goodbye to those who don't bring positivity


It's a truism that you can't grow if those around you don't believe in you. Toxic friends, negative relatives, sullen and unpleasant colleagues... all such characters need to be cut out of your life. When I deleted unpleasant "buddies" from social media and crossed out those who didn't believe in me, the results in my life became dozens of times more and more joyful.


4. Control your thoughts.

Your garden will grow what you water. Do you think about disasters, deaths, wars, Taliban or government conspiracy? You will see suffering everywhere. Do you read the news about maniacs? It would be scary to go out on the street. Conversely, those who think a lot about money get richer. Those who want happiness are happier. They don't read about another bad accident, they think about how to improve their lives.


5. Choose 2-3 skills and put all your energy into developing them

I chose the gym workout, the routine work (I work from home), and the skill of thanking people. It's incredible how much fun results you can get when you focus on simple things. I gained some serious weight (90 pounds) and muscle mass. I've earned a BMW. And I gained many grateful clients, friends, and a happy wife because I knew how to thank them and help them improve their lives.


6. Pursue each of your goals and don't look back

Many people will criticize you for your goals: they will tell you that the goals are bad, wrong, unnecessary, ridiculous, absurd, unattainable, and so on and so forth. But they can't know how attainable or right those goals are. No one knows but you. Don't look back and do what you think is right.


7. Add athletic activity to your day

I remember when I started doing push-ups every day. First 5 times, then 10, then 50, then 70. My muscles grew, my strength and confidence grew. I started doing exercises, stretching. Now my exercise skill is strong enough. For example, I've been going to the gym and working out at home with dumbbells for a few years now without any problems. And that's not to mention the fact that athletic activities lift your mood, which is scientifically proven.


8. Strive to make mistakes and learn from them.

I'll leave you with a quote from the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan (who, by the way, didn't make the high school team, which made him cry in his locker room):


"I missed 9,000 times in my career. I lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been entrusted with a crucial shot, and I've missed. I've been defeated over and over again in my life. And that's why I'm successful."


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